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I'll put news of the site updates on this page, as well as any major Charlie and Baz news.

Here's some very old archived news!!!!

18/2/01 So Charlie has dropped his application for custody. Is this a good or bad move? How often will he now see Louis. Surely Baz wouldn't have stopped Charlie from seeing his own son. Maybe this is this will signal Charlie moving on from the past and looking forward to the future. Is there something extra in his relationship with Duffy. Or will she now be content with Andrew, now that he has seen how close he has come to losing his wife and unborn child? Whatever lies ahead the book will never truly be closed on Charlie and Baz - don't give up on her making a return. It could happen, maybe we'll have to wait nine years again!!! Have your say in the guestbook!

12/2/01 As Charlie and Baz continue to fight across the Atlantic - you now have the chance to see how it all started. If you have Sky, Cable or are able to receive U.K GOLD then starting form February 19th you can catch the series fro episode 1! Casualty will be shown daily at 14:00 and repeated on UK GOLD 2 at 21:00. If you miss them don't forget you can check out what happened to Charlie and Baz by visiting episode by episode on this site.

6/2/01 So Charlie is definitely going ahead with his custody application. Is this is a good or bad idea? Could it mean a return for Julia Watson? Would the return be permanent? Or is this another opening for the ongoing Charlie and Duffy saga? We don't know, but we hope very much that this storyline indicates the return of Baz and the start of a new chapter for Everlasting Love.

17/1/01SHOCK HORROR!!! Charlie and Baz fans we have had a very near escape. Cathy Shipton yesterday revealed how her current pregnancy storyline is not how the writers planned it. Before Cathy herself found out she was pregnant, the plan was for Duffy to get pregnant by Charlie!!! Duffy would then miscarry. But because of Cathys real life baby - the writers found a happier alternative (for us anyway!) and allowed the baby's father to be Duffys husband Andrew, and for the pregnancy to go full term. So after that lucky escape - how long is it before Duffy and Charlie have another close encounter?? I'll keep u posted - as always.

2/1/01 From the preview at the end of Saturdays episode, it looks like Charlie and Baz have a fierce confrontation over the phone in the next episode. This is over their Son Louis. Will Charlie file for custody? Or can they come to a mutual agreement?

21/12/00 Have just heard that Charlie decides to take action on winning back his son in the episode screened on Saturday 9th January. Does this mean he will file for custody? Will Julia Watson make a special appearance? Who knows? Callum Ray who plays young Louis is in the next episode of Casualty on Saturday 23rd December. Although not in Holby, Louis appears on a video that Baz has sent Charlie from Canada. What happens next? Can the once again warring lovers ever get back together? Or is this the end for Casualty's favourite couple?

17/12/00 Well for those of you who watched Casualty last night, I'm sure you are feeling slightly, no very disappointed. Do the Casualty scriptwriters really expect us to believe that after all the wooing and pursuing, trials and tribulations and endless ups and downs Baz and Charlie had to endure before they were finally hitched, that Baz would just hook up with another man? I don't think so. The fashion in which it has been done was quite absurd, only weeks ago Charlie was commenting on how Baz had nursed him back to health and how he wondered if she should go to Canada with her. Now, totally out of the blue he announces they are to divorce after she has started 'dating' another man. A divorce we could understand, but another man is totally unrealistic, especially as Charlie announced it so matter-of-fact like it was no big deal. Of course what the writers are trying to do is to get all Casualty viewers to say "ooohhh that Baz isn't very nice, Charlie needs a new nice woman". Meanwhile Duffy's husband treats her badly and the viewers think "oohh that Duffy needs a nice man". Yeah, nice try, but it won't wash. We don't (the majority of us) want Duffy and Charlie to get together. We want Charlie and Baz, whatever continent she's on.

5/12/00 Another bulletin!!! The bad news is, I'm afraid, that whilst in Canada, Baz asks Charlie for a divorce. I don't know why, but it just seems like another cruel twist in the Chaz and Baz saga! Lets hope they can work it out and that she'll return.

5/12/00 On Saturday 16th December Charlie returns to work after taking Louis to Canada. When he returns he is not happy, not just because of having to leave Louis behind but because of Baz. Not quite sure why yet but the Christmas magazines announce that Charlie brings back some bad news about Baz. Any ideas? I'll keep you posted.

21/11/00 Well we can breath a sigh of relief, Duffy finds out she's pregnant in two weeks time - meaning that Charlie will have no time to be the father. It was thought that Charlie and Duffy may have a fling leading her to get pregnant, but thankfully the baby will be that of Andrews - Duffys husband.

20/11/00 So Charlie is taking Louis back to Canada to be with Baz. When he returns what will he have to say about Baz? Do they have a future together? Will she ever return? How will he cope without Louis? Have your say in the guestbook.

7/11/00 In Saturdays episode (11/11/00), Charlie is back and takes Louis to the Zoo. However he runs into trouble when he loses Louis! I'm sure everything turns out fine as Charlie later throws Duffy a surprise party for her 40th birthday.