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In 1986 the BBC's new drama; Casualty hit our television screens. Hounded by MP'S but loved by the viewers, Casualty has become a national institution. Launching the careers of Robson Green, Clive Mantle, Claire Goose and providing a stepping stone for the many other famous faces that have walked through the famous doors of Holby A&E.

However we are here to look at the story behind Charlie and Baz, Casualty's first couple and by far - the most popular.

Known best for his role in 'Harry's Game', Derek Thompson stepped into the role of Charge Nurse Charlie Fairhead. Julia Watson sought the sound advice of her agent who told her not to miss out on being part of this hard-hitting new drama, she took the role of Dr. Barbara Hayes and the rest.....well it's history....

Charlie and Baz captured the viewers hearts, they were the couple everyone talked about and for a while it seemed that they would be destined for happiness. But, back then it was not meant to be. It was Casualty's policy to keep the cast fresh. Doctors and Nurses would come and go, just like they do in real hospitals. Baz, being and S.H.O would be first to move on. Having done her time in a 'Casualty' department, she would move on to specialise in paediatrics, or geriatrics etc.. So Julia Watson left the show, thus Baz walking out on Charlie.

Julia went on to work at the National Theatre and she also worked on television shows; A Touch of Spice, Lovejoy and Never the Twain, starring Windsor Davis. Her professional success was mirrored in her personal life when she married poet David Harsent and they had a daughter, Hannah.

Derek Thompson remained on Casualty, making Charlie Fairhead one of Britain's best loved television characters. He too found happiness with actress Dee Sadler, they later had a son who was named Charlie!

Back on Casualty, Charlie's love life was hardly pulse rating. After Baz he had a few faltering affairs, then he saw social worker Trish Baynes for a while. Their relationship looked set to develop but she doubted Charlie's commitment and they too split up. With nothing else in his life but work, Charlie suffered a nervous breakdown. Good friend Duffy saw him through the worse of it but Charlie yearned for someone to connect with, a partner. a lover, a family.

Behind the scenes a new producer stepped on board. She decided that Charlie and co needed a personal life. She felt that it was the guest actors that got to do all the emotional stuff and decided to give the regular characters a go. For Mike, Rachel, Jude and co their storylines fell in place. Mike and Rachel would get together, Jude and Matt's relationship would be explored and Ash would suffer the effects of a racial attack. However, for Charlie it was less simple, there was no one in the department that was extra special to him. So the new producer looked at his past. After much discussion they decided that Baz was the love of his life. Derek Thompson thought it made sense and to everyone's delight, Julia Watson was willing and able to return to Casualty

So in February 1995 Baz walked back into Charlie's life. It wasn't a 'hugs and kisses' reunion, Baz was now married and Charlie was still hurt by the way she left him. There was plenty of tension, staff gossip and finally a cliffhanging kiss.....

As Series 10 began, Julia and Derek graced the covers of many magazines. Columnists speculated on the outcome of 'that kiss' and viewers waited anxiously for the return of their favourite drama. Baz's husband Peter was brought into the show and was played by ex-Drop the Dead Donkey actor Robert Duncan. When Casualty returned Charlie handed Baz back an earring he found 'under the bed'. That comment said it all and Charlie and Baz embarked on a full blown affair. It was not without it's problems, Baz and Peter, Charlie and Peter, Charlie and Zoe, and in the lead up to the Christmas episode an unwell Baz. The media asked 'Is history repeating itself?', and their suspicions were confirmed when in the Christmas episode, Baz found out she was pregnant with Charlie's baby.

When Casualty returned for it's 11th series you could not escape the baby mania. In the lead up to the first episode of the new series, Julia and Derek graced EVERY TV magazine cover along with a new arrival.... Charlie and Baz's baby son, Louis

Life for Baz and Charlie was pretty quiet during series 11. However off screen Julia did the interview circuit, appearing on This Morning and Capital woman.

Series 12 took a lifetime to reach the screens. It was firstly postponed because of Princess Diana's death. It would be screened on the Sunday allowing room for the BBC's coverage of Diana's funeral. It was then postponed until the following Thursday due to the death of Mother Teresa. When it finally arrived Baz and Charlie would thrust back into the spotlight for what would be their most traumatic series yet!

Baz and Charlie first clashed over Jack and despite his departure they found it hard to move on. Thus being the start of many heated rows, Charlie's one night stand with Zoe, and finally a reconciliation. Around November when their problems first arose, Inside Soap announced that at the end of the series Charlie and Baz WOULD marry. However it would not be before he had left Baz and spent the night with personnel officer, Zoe. A month later Inside Soap again made reference to the wedding and said that it would be a big occasion with Patrick Robinson, who played Ash, a definite on the invite list. It was rumoured that Nigel Le Valient and Robson Green had also been asked back but were unable to because they had other work in the pipeline. Julia and Derek kept busy off screen. Julia appeared on Fully Booked and Derek joined various other cast members for a wild west medley in aid of Children in Need. Over Christmas the Daily Mail featured an article on Baz and Charlie, stating how sad it was that happy couples made boring drama. They said how Baz and Charlie were suffering from emotional turmoil because watching a happy couple was like watching paint dry. They also stated that Julia and Derek were sad to read that Baz and Charlie were to split again and confronted the shows producers. The mail said that it was a testament to how valued they are on Casualty that they were listened to. Hence another special guest being announced for the wedding, Brenda Fricker alias Nurse Megan would also be returning. In late January 1998, GMTV hosted a Casualty special. They went behind the scenes and caught up with Julia Watson. Looking radiant, Julia along with Dr. Hilary Jones, unveiled a Casualty surprise. As they drew back the ever famous green curtains they revealed not only Patrick and Brenda, but Clive Mantle and Cathy Shipton resuming their roles as Mike and Duffy, for what was turning into the wedding of the year. Although no - one would give the game away, it was already obvious that the media had been correct, Baz and Charlie were to marry

A week later, Julia was presented with a shock as she became victim to Michael Aspel and 'This is your Life'. Halfway through filming the wedding episodes she was sprung by Michael under the watchful eye of Derek and the Casualty crew. They were all there to congratulate Julia in the studio with Ian Bleasdale, Clive Mantle and Derek all having their say on Julia. Ian who plays paramedic Josh, described as her a 'good friend', whilst Clive said she was 'a trusted colleague and a wonderful actress'. Derek said that they had no say what so ever in Baz and Charlie's future. A comment which prompted many giggles from the cast - so we suspect they did!

Lucky for Casualty Valentines Day fell on a Saturday and in true romantic fashion Baz and Charlie reconciled after a life or death hostage situation, during which Charlie told Baz how much he loved her. Everything was perfect, a long awaited wedding, lots of TV coverage, four special guests........and on the next day the papers announced 'Loving Mum Baz quits Casualty!'

Very unexpected, it was unclear whether it was a rumour or the truth, especially as Baz and Charlie were just about to tie the knot. They still made every front cover and on the Tuesday before the wedding, Julia appeared on This Morning and confessed that the rumours were true, she and Baz would be leaving Casualty. Fans bombarded the BBC with letters pleading with them not to kill off Baz or replace Julia with another actress, and it was decided that Baz would leave Holby so that she and Charlie would not let work ethics destroy them again. Julia also appeared on Live and Kicking. She said that she was very sad to be leaving Casualty but desperately missed her family as she was away for most of the year. She said the door had been left open for her to return if she wished.

So Baz and Charlie got married in a two part Casualty called 'Everlasting Love'. At the end of the episode the cast got together and sang a rousing rendition of 'Everlasting Love' which was released as a single and made no 5 in the charts. It was a great end to the series and a fitting tribute to Casualty's favourite couple, but it was tinged with sadness as we knew this may be the last time we saw Julia and Derek together as Baz and Charlie.

In the week of the wedding it was announced that Cathy Shipton would be making a permanent return to her role as Duffy. Bad news for Baz and Charlie fans as news broke that Charlie and Duffy would ultimately have an affair. Fans wrote to the BBC, Points Of View, The Casualty Fan Club and even nationwide magazines. In a poll run by the `Casualty Fan Club` a few months later, Julia was voted `most missed character` and `most popular female ever`. She has worked in various other shows and is a regular in the children's television programme `Welcome to Orty Fou`. Derek remains on Casualty, still head of the department and providing the `link` between Baz and the viewers.

Three years after 'Everlasting Love' and rumours were still rife that Charlie and Duffy would have an affair. Derek Thompson said he did not really want this to happen and Cathy Shipton agreed that an affair could ruin Charlie and Duffy's friendship. Ultimately Series 15 saw Charlie telling his fellow workmates that he and Baz were getting a divorce, due to the fact that she had been seeing someone else in Canada. Charlie decided to go for custody of Louis but withdrew his application when he was told it would probably not be successful. So with Charlie and Baz living in different countries and leading different lives.......the end of Everlasting Love was nigh.........

2003 saw Series 18 and the return of Julia Watson to the role of Baz. Although her return was only for 8 episodes, fans were sure that this would mark a happy ending for Baz and Charlie. But hopes were dashed when it was announced Baz would be killed off. Despite the bad news, Baz and Charlie's reunion was very much enjoyed which only added to the sadness of her death.