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When Casualty began in 1986 Charlie Fairhead chugged along in his yellow Beetle whilst Barbara Samuels was late getting out of bed. As Charlie stumped out his cigarette and casually walked into Holby A&E, Baz battled with the traffic and sped into the car park nearly knocking over Consultant Ewart Plimmer! Nurse Charlie and Dr Baz had an obvious attraction towards each other, often flirting and always lending support when it was needed. It wasn't long before Charlie revealed to Baz that he had split up with his girlfriend Liz. Baz said she was sorry for him but Charlie made light of the situation and said that Liz just couldn't handle his charm. Baz also had her problems contesting with the male members of staff, often consultants who didn't work closely with her failed to see what a good doctor she was. She stood up to them and answered them back but she would often be upset by it and storm off. On many occasions Charlie would follow her and make sure that she was alright. He always managed to bring a smile to her face and she was always grateful. Baz had her fair share of admirers and we saw her with different men. Most of them wanted too much from Baz, she was a headstrong career woman and she simply wasn't ready to settle down. When Charlie saw Baz with other men it did cause a reaction; he'd often just watch the situation to see what was happening. However he didn't have to look too far for his gossip, receptionist Suzie was always on the ball and seemed to know all the ins and outs of Baz's love life.

After the end of one shift Nurse Megan spotted Charlie and Baz leaving together. They went back to Baz's house, it was actually her aunt's house but she was looking after it while her aunt was away. After they had talked about her aunt and the house, there was a slight awkwardness between Baz and Charlie as they waited for the other to make the first move. Eventually Baz bit the bullet and kissed Charlie, they then slept together for the first time. While they were still in bed, Baz told Charlie how it made a nice change to be with a sensitive man instead of all the other men she had been with. She also asked him not to tell anyone about them, she was worried he might spread it around the department Charlie was quick to correct her that he would never do that and he wasn't like the other men she had been with. When they returned to work Charlie walked in on Baz taking pills. After trying to pass them off as vitamins she finally admitted to Charlie that they were amphetamines. She said she needed them to keep her alert. Charlie wasn't impressed and they argued about it. He said he knew a lot of people took speed but pointed out she was the first person whose welfare was any concern of his. By that comment she was not impressed and told Charlie that he didn't have a sudden hold over her just because they had slept together. Later on in the shift Baz screwed up big time. She lost it in crash and nearly lost a patient. Charlie found her sitting on the bench outside and she thanked him for being her friend. Charlie told Baz that he wanted to be more than just her friend, but she said she couldn't be lovers with him. He was upset and their flirtations soon turned to rows. However it wasn't long before they got back together and this time it was more serious. Charlie told Baz that he was in love with her and they looked destined for happiness.

But things took a turn for the worse when Baz found out she was pregnant. Although Charlie noticed that something was wrong with her but she wouldn't tell him what it was. She just told him to remember that he was very special to her. When Baz called in sick and didn't answer any of his calls, Charlie began to worry and went to her house. As he arrived he saw her in a car with another man. Back at Holby Nurse Duffy told Suzie that she had seen Baz coming out a clinic and they guessed that Baz had had an abortion. Pretty soon the rumour spread and porter Kuba brought flowers for Baz to show his sympathy. However he chose the wrong moment to give them too her and in front of Charlie he told her how sorry he was for the loss of her baby. Baz ran off crying whilst Charlie picked a fight with nurse Clive. In the end the staff left Baz and Charlie alone and she told him the truth. She told him that she had a termination because it was the right thing for her to do, he was angry and said that she should have told him. They rowed about it and a distraught Charlie told Baz that he would've married her and made a home for them. Despite what had happened they managed to start a fresh and at the end of series one Charlie brought tickets for he and Baz to go to Paris for a long weekend.

At the beginning of series two Baz and Charlie appeared to have moved in together, but as he went upstairs to wake her she was gone. Despite his efforts to look for her there was no sign of her and he sadly wandered around the house. Eventually he found a note from Baz on the draining board. He then called in sick at work and cried a lot. He didn't tell Duffy, Kuba or any of the others what had happened, he just retreated into his own world. What followed for Charlie were more broken relationships, more comings and goings and a nervous breakdown. On the rebound from Baz he slept with nurse Karen, he then had a brief fling with another doctor before starting a new relationship with social worker Trish Baynes. They were together for a while but Charlie couldn't give her his undivided attention and she decided they wanted different things. They soon split and Charlie was again left alone. He got through life with his friends; Duffy, Ash, Mike, Megan but there was something missing. His whole life revolved around work and towards the end of series seven he had a nervous breakdown. He saw a councillor but he felt he was fed up with nursing and at the end of series 8 he was offered a job in management. In series 9 the stronger Charlie had returned, turning down cosy management job to stay on the front line of Holby. It was the right decision.

Throughout series nine there were many staff changes and most notably were Ash and Mike leaving for pastures new. However, for Charlie it wasn't all bad. Mike announced his replacement was a Dr Barbara Hayes, someone who had worked in Casualty before in the late eighties. Charlie was puzzled as for all his recollection of past colleagues he could not put a face to the name. When Mike introduced them, Charlie was shocked to hear Dr Haye's voice, as he turned around he saw it was Baz, the only woman he'd ever really loved.

So Barbara Hayes was Baz, the woman who Charlie had loved and lost 9 years previous. From the moment they met again it was obvious that there was still something between them but Baz was now married. Charlie asked her if she was happy and she refused to answer, prompting him to confront her about the past. He replayed the scenario to her, explaining how she just left him with no word and just a note. It was clear that Charlie was still hurting over what had happened but Baz was determined to make their working environment pleasant. She suggested they put their cards on the table. However this is Holby and every attempt they made to talk was interrupted by an emergency or member of staff. The tension between them was noticeable and it wasn't long before Kate, Rachel and the others had figured out that Baz and Charlie shared a past. Eventually they had a showdown in Charlie's office. He was angry because she wanted them to be friends and she was angry because he wouldn't have dinner with her and husband, Peter. Charlie explained that he couldn't be happy around her because when he saw her it reminded him of the bad times. Baz said if she could turn the clocks back she would and she admitted that she shouldn't just have left Charlie a note. Realising that wounds were still open, Charlie suggested that they remain colleagues and nothing more. Despite the tension, Charlie did agree to have dinner with Baz and Peter. However what he thought was a cosy dinner for three turned out to be a dinner party for fifteen and he angrily told Baz that he didn't want to have dinner with her and Peter. On the same night a man arrived in the department demanded answers from Baz as to why his mother died alone on a hospital trolley. The man wasn't just angry he had a bomb strapped to his back, and after the hospital was evacuated it fell on Baz to negotiate with him. It didn't work and the bomb went off leaving Holby in a poor state and Baz in even more of a state. Charlie drover her home and on the way they stopped at his flat. He asked why she came back to Holby. She explained that it was because of Peters job and admitted that she had been in Holby for three months before the job at Casualty came up. Charlie then asked her why she didn't have kids, she told him they couldn't, Peter can't have children. After Baz requests a drink, Charlie shows her into his flat. He tells her that he'll take her home but she says she doesn't want to go home. After the chaotic day that she has had Baz gets emotional and starts to cry, Charlie hugs her and as they break away they kiss..........

Before they knew it Charlie and Baz were wrapped up in an affair, both knowing it was wrong but neither of them could stop it. Baz was later offered the post of senior registrar at Holby. She was unsure about whether to take it as she knew that accepting the job would mean accepting her new relationship with Charlie. However she took the job and their affair was now unavoidable. When Baz's husband, Peter began to get involved with hospital sponsorship it was hard for both of them. For Charlie it was painful to see Baz with another man and for Baz it was weird to see her husband and lover arranging to see a football match together. Baz and Charlie had more ups and downs than a heart monitor. At first they both understood the implications of their affair, Baz knew she was risking her marriage and Charlie was aware that he wouldn't be able to see her as much as he'd like. But as they got more involved Charlie couldn't accept just being Baz's bit on the side and after talking to Rachel, who had been in similar situation, he decided to call it a day with Baz. She was shocked and upset but Charlie told her he had to do it because he felt there was no halfway house anymore. He told Baz that now, whenever he wasn't with her, he just wanted to be with her and as he knew that wasn't possible he felt it was best that they both went their separate ways. Later that same day they got back together, but after Baz stood Charlie up to visit Peter's sick mother, Charlie told her he meant it this time - their relationship was over.

Immediately after their split, Charlie and Baz had a confrontation witnessed by some of the staff. It was a row that begun over work ethics but soon made its way into Charlie's office. Baz asked him why he was being so cold towards her. He explained that he was fed up with all the secrecy and all the lies and told her that he thought they should see as little of each other as possible. Baz agreed but was still determined to win him back. Despite her efforts, she was left devastated when Charlie began to date Zoe, one of the other Nurses in the department. As Charlie's love life took of, Baz's took a turn for the first. After a row with Peter she moved out of home and into the local hotel. Charlie was shocked when he found out and asked Baz what had happened. She explained that they had rowed other children. Peter wanted them but couldn't have them; meaning they would have to adopt. Baz admitted to Charlie that she didn't feel she could do that after what happened all those years ago. Charlie was sympathetic towards her and it wasn't long before Baz asked him to go back to the hotel with her. At first he said no but then he said he would - on the condition that she tell Peter the truth about them. Baz agreed. After Charlie bumped into Peter at a conference, he was surprised to find Peter acting his normal friendly self. When Charlie confronted Baz she admitted that she hadn't told Peter about them and had actually moved back in with him. Charlie was devastated and told her he didn't understand how she could live with someone she didn't even love. She told him she did love Peter because of the history they shared; Charlie was amazed and told her to leave and to forget about them. As Baz left she witnessed Charlie climbing back into Zoe's car.

In the lead up to Christmas, past events had taken their toll on Baz and Mike noticed she was looking unwell. Tests proved that she had iron deficiency anaemia but Mike also suggested she do a pregnancy test. Although she insisted to Mike that there was no way she could be pregnant, Baz instantly knew that she was and after performing a test her instincts were confirmed. Baz told no-one but was force to talk about her pregnancy when Rachel spotted the test on her desk. Baz admitted to Rachel that she was pregnant and also told her that Peter would be surprised, as he couldn't have children. Rachel was shocked, and as she knew of Baz and Charlie's affair she realised that the baby was Charlie's. At the Christmas Ball Charlie told Baz that he wanted to buy her a present but wasn't sure if she'd accept it. Before she could open up to him he was dragged away by Zoe and during the last dance Baz and Charlie gazed into each others eyes as they danced with different partners. As hard as they tried Baz and Charlie couldn't give up on each other. He finished with Zoe and she left Peter, however Baz didn't tell Peter the reason why she was moving out.

After much time apart, Charlie finds Baz alone in the staff room. He asks her how things are now that she's staying with 'a friend'. She changes the subjects and starts talking about a patient who has has an abortion. It takes a while, but the penny finally drops and Charlie realises that Baz is pregnant. She tells him that he's the father but she says she doesn't want to talk to him about it. He begs her to let him have a say and she says he will when she's made up her mind. Baz then decides to tell Peter the truth. In front of Charlie she tells Peter about their affair and also that she is now expecting Charlie's baby. Peter is distraught and Baz tells him she won't be going home to him again. Relations between Charlie and Baz thaw as she lets him cook her supper and spend the entirety of Ash's wedding staring at each other.

Baz and Charlie eventually decide to live together and they prepare for the birth of their first child. Baz ends up being two weeks overdue. Charlie stays with her on the labour ward but she says she feels terrible and sends him back to work. While he is there, there are complications and the baby's heart beat slows down. They surgeons decide to do an emergency caesarean and as Baz is wheeled down to theatre, Charlie is called and told about the situation. He just makes it through the door in time to hold Baz's hand. She is scared and they both wait anxiously. One of the nurses tells Charlie to stand up and watch, seconds later the baby emerges and Charlie tells Baz they have a baby boy. Finally after all this time there is solid proof of the love they share. They call the baby Louis Charles. They are both overjoyed and while Baz takes maternity leave Charlie bores his colleagues with baby stories.

Returning to work, meant that Baz and Charlie had to leave Louis with their nanny Margaret. Although they felt Louis was in safe hands they both missed him desperately and found it hard to leave him. After their Christmas trip to Africa Louis became unwell. At first they thought it was the change in climate but it became much more serious when Louis was admitted to Casualty after suffering from convulsions. They were both worried but whenever they were with him, he seemed fine. Whilst at work, Baz and Charlie yet again go through trauma as Margaret brought Louis in. She said there had been blood in his nappy. Tests were carried out but nothing was found. As Charlie and Baz returned to work, Margaret screamed that Louis had stopped breathing. They rushed him to crash but apart from being a little distressed he was fine. Totally stumped as to what was wrong, Baz and Charlie sought the help of consultant Jack. After noticing finger marks around Louis' mouth, Jack, Baz and Charlie questioned Margaret. As a failed medical student she had put the blood in Louis' nappy and then tried to smother him. Baz and Charlie were shocked, but relieved that Louis was o.k.

During the 'Louis' incident, Charlie had been examining a female patient. She later claimed that he touched her and despite his protestations a hearing was called. All of the staff, including Baz, had to give statements about the incident and Charlie was then suspended. He found this hard to deal with, the board had called it 'leave' but he knew what it really was. The allegations didn't prove conclusive with the board but the story had hit the papers. Although Charlie was asked back to work, he feared his reputation had been ruined.

Consultant Jack had never been Baz's biggest fan, so it came as no surprise when the two locked into battle. Going through a personal crisis, Jack let his emotions cloud his work and he left a patient to die. He claimed the old lady had no chance and refused to resuscitate her despite Charlie's pleas. The lady later began to breathe for herself and as Baz and the team struggled to save her life, Charlie brought in her confused sister. The patients sister and Charlie were intrigued as to what was going on, but despite the teams efforts the lady did die. It was a terrible mistake on Jacks part and only Charlie and Baz knew what had really happened. To add to the misfortune, the patients sister decided to sew. It would have been a clear cut case, only Jack confessed his personal problems to Charlie and ask him to consider what he said in the statement. Charlie told the truth but it later emerged that Jack hadn't, in fact Charlie and Jacks statements were completely different. Baz was determined to intervene, but Charlie told her to leave it as she had no idea what was really going on. Jack was later told that someone in the department had shed light on the situation. Convinced it was Charlie, Jack caused a scene in front of everyone, only for Baz to confess that it was her who told management the truth.

Charlie was amazed and angry at Baz for what she had done, but she insisted that she was right and that she couldn't just stand by and watch Jack ruin his reputation. Jack later resigned and Baz was left in charge. She was upset that Charlie didn't understand her reasons for doing what she did, however he insisted that she should have listened to him when he told her to leave it. After a heated row, Charlie told Baz the truth and explained that Jacks pregnant girlfriend had left him. Relations between them grew more tense and as they prepared to leave for their Australian holiday, one last row meant that they travelled there separately.

Baz and Charlie also travelled back separately. Things between them got worse in Australia and Charlie returned home a week before Baz. She was very upset and insisted that they talk, but Charlie was adamant that there was no point as they had two weeks holiday to do that. As Christmas approached they grew further apart and Charlie accepted the flirtations of personnel officer Zoe. Baz was then offered the permanent consultant post. She was thrilled but Charlie wasn't, arguing that they would see less and less of each other. As new year beckoned, Charlie told Baz that he didn't think they should be together anymore. He told her that one of them had to do something about their dissolving relationship and although she was hurt she said that she would take leave and take Louis to her mothers.

With Baz away, Charlie had time to think and he found himself hiding the real reason for her disappearance, trying to convince his colleagues that he and Baz were still together. However when she returned to work, Baz told everyone about the split and was surprised to find that Charlie was so angry about this. After too much red wine, Charlie and Baz found themselves in bed together. Baz was convinced that this was a new start for them both but Charlie wasn't as sure. He told her that he didn't think they could trust their night of passion and said he had decided to move out. Baz was devastated but picked herself up whilst Charlie struggled to do his laundry! He seemed slightly jealous that she was coping with their split so well, especially when she announced that she was going out for a night with the girls. With this in mind, Charlie accepted Zoe's offer of a drink. However no sooner had they drunk their first cocktail, she was offering him room service. Charlie took her up on the offer and he spent the night with Zoe. The following day she insisted on a 'repeat prescription'. However Charlie had realised he had made a mistake and as he was about to tell Zoe this, their embrace was witness by Baz. Charlie followed a distraught Baz to her office and explained that what happened with Zoe meant nothing. Baz asked him to leave her but he insisted that she listened to him. He told her that it just happened and asked her if she was so upset then why did she go out celebrating. Baz confessed that she didn't go out, she changed her mind, stayed at home and got drunk. Charlie then realised that he had been stupid and told Mark that he was going to ask Baz if they could try for a reconciliation. Mark said that was great and Charlie said 'only if Baz agrees'......

While paying a visit to her solicitors, Baz got into a heavy situation. She got taken hostage by a man who was desperate to see his estranged wife. Baz got caught in the middle of the situation and found herself in a horrifying ordeal. Her captor was badly injured. He was losing a lot of blood and Baz said that he needed urgent treatment. After much persuasion, he allowed her to phone Holby for some supplies. Baz spoke to Charlie and when he heard her voice he realised that she was in trouble. Despite the department being in chaos and the emotional wedge between them, Charlie went to Baz. They operated on the man, but despite their help he would not let them go. As shots were fired, Charlie decided that it was time to talk to Baz. He told her that if anything should happen he wanted her to know that he loved her. He said he knew he had behaved like a pratt and if he thought he deserved to have her back he'd ask her to marry him. Things then got heavy and as Baz knelt down with a gun to her head, Charlie knocked over their captor and saved her life. Back at Holby, he told her that he meant what he said and was sorry for what had happened between them. Charlie then told her again how much he love her and asked her to marry him. Surprised and confused, Baz said she needed time to think. It took her about five minutes and she then announced to the staff that she and Charlie were to marry. Not before a few hitches, a glorious wedding took place and Baz and Charlie made their vows in front of colleagues, old friends; Mike, Ash, Megan and Duffy (who invited her?) and their son Louis. Baz told Charlie that she wanted them to be happy and said that she was considering looking for a new job so that work ethics would not screw them up again. Charlie said he'd think about it and the new Mr and Mrs Fairhead danced as their friends sung a cool rendition of Everlasting Love.

Baz later left Holby and took a job in Birmingham next to her parents. Charlie began to commute at weekends to spend time with she and Louis. He told Max that it was working out well, he said that time apart made he and Baz appreciate their time together. Charlie often mentioned Baz and has spent the last few Christmas' with her and Louis. He also welcomed back Duffy as she took a nursing post in Holby. At the end of series 14 Charlie collapsed in the toilets, he appeared to be having a heart attack but the credits rolled and we were left waiting.......

Charlie had a pulmonary embolism, he returned to work after spending a few months recovering with Baz and Louis. He told Duffy that Baz had helped nurse him back to health and he said it was nice spending time with she and Louis. Duffy later noticed that Charlie was acting rather emotional towards a small child patient and she asked if there was anything wrong with Louis. Charlie told her that soon he'd be looking after Louis whilst Baz went away. When Duffy asked where, he explained that Baz had been offered a medical directors post in Canada. It was an amazing opportunity for her but Charlie was left in a difficult situation. Charlie told Duffy that he should have just gone to Birmingham with them when Baz left Holby, Duffy told him that he could join Baz in Canada but Charlie was unsure.

After looking after Louis for a while Charlie took him back to Canada so that he could be back with Baz. When he returned he told Duffy that Baz had asked him for a divorce. It appears whilst in Canada, Baz has been seeing another man. After this Charlie decided to try and get custody of Louis, but he withdrew his application after his lawyer told him that he really didn't stand a chance of winning.

After far too long in the background, Charlie got a new storyline and a new lover. Jan Goddard was the hospital's Chief Executive and she met Charlie through a dating agency. It's not as sordid as it sounds!! When they first met they had no idea they worked in the same hospital!!! After a few false starts romance blossomed and it looked like Charlie may have found a new love. However Jan didn't share many of Charlie's views or morals, and on more than one occasion compromised his position at the hospital. Of course it took a while for Charlie to see through Jan and her underhand ways but once he found her out he ended their relationship and went back to his morals and Holby A&E.

Series 18 saw the long awaited return of Baz. However any hopes Charlie had of rekindling their romance were quickly dashed when Baz returned with Dan - her new husband. Not only did Charlie now feel excluded from Baz's life, but he felt excluded from Louis' as he watched how close he and Dan were. It wasn't long though till Charlie and Baz were back exchanging glances at one another and after Louis was taken ill it was obvious they still had feelings for each other. A family Christmas in Lapland brought their feelings to the fore and they shared a passionate kiss under the Northern Lights. Their new discovery of love for one another saw them once again begin to plan a future together, but fate stepped in the way when Baz died in a car crash.

It may have ended tragically but Baz's return and reunion with Charlie put a permanent stamp on their relationship. She died leaving the knowledge that she and Charlie would always be each others Everlasting Love.