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Series 9 Episode 20

Charlie is having a bad day. First Ash announces that he is leaving and then Mike tells him that he's decided to go to London to try and work things out with his wife. Charlie's brain is set ticking when Mike announces his replacement is a Dr. Barbara Hayes who used to work in the department in the mid-eighties. Charlie can't put a face to the name until she walks into his office. Barbara Hayes is of course Baz. She explains that she is now married to Peter, a computer salesman who's job has brought them to Holby. Charlie asks her if she is happy but she refuses to answer him which results in a confrontation. It is clear that Charlie is still hurt by the way Baz disappeared and she is shocked and saddened that his wounds remain open. Baz tells Charlie that if they are to work together then they have to lay their cards on the table. An attempt to reveal their feelings is interrupted by Mike. Charlie and Baz later pick up their conversation and Baz asks 'where were we?', Charlie reminds her that they were putting their `cards on the table`, `maybe another time` is Baz's reply.

Quote of the Episode

CHARLIE: Barbara Hayes? Doesn't ring any bells