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Everlasting Love ~ The Site, was developed in 1998. A few months after Charlie & Baz's Everlasting Love was signed, sealed and released as a single!!!
Needless to say after a few Bazless months in Series 13, the return of Duffy and press reports galore over the much hyped Charlie/Duffy affair (that never happened!!) the site lost interest!!!
However with a steady flow of emails, Duffy's departure, strong support from some very loyal Baz and Charlie supporters out there, and of course the brief and sadly the final return of Julia Watson to Casualty (sob), Everlasting Love has sailed again!!!

Most of what's here has been revamped from the old site, but there's is some new stuff.
Now nearly every episode guide has screen grabs capturing those all important Charlie and Baz moments. There are also some screen grabs in the picture page of other appearances made by Julia Watson and Derek Thompson, including grabs from Julia's 'This is Your Life'!!!

The Charlie and Baz updates from Series 13-17 are in the On Screen Story. I haven't done singular episode guides for these series because to be honest it was only Patrick, Lara, Comfort, Finn and Collette who kept me watching!!!!

You'll notice this site has also moved host, this is because Geocities just don't let me host enough pictures and graphics. Therefore Everlasting Love has become a sub-web of my other website Peak Practice Online. Hosting the site here just means that I can have more goodies and you guys can visit it whenever instead of waiting for hours at a time because Geocities have run out of bandwidth!!!!

OK, so that's me done...I think!!!! Got any queries or comments then give me some mail!!!!!

x x x x x