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Jack is called out to Frances Barratts house. He has a heart condition and has collapsed after a night out with best mate Danny. Jack wants Frances to go to hospital but there are no ambulances due to a massive road accident. Danny takes Jack and Frances to the hospital in his truck. Whilst traveling Jack has to administer CPR when Francis stops breathing.

Back at The Beeches Beth is concerned about Will. She asks him how things are at home - he tells her that he and Sarah have some things to sort out.

Danny thanks Jack for his help and tells him that Francis needs an operation but can't afford it. Jack talks to Dr Reeve; Frances' consultant and asks why Frances isn't down to have the operation. Reeve tells him that Frances' chances after the operation are minimal. Danny gives Jack a lift back to Cardale, however when they reach Frances' house Jack's tyres have been stolen - Danny promises to get them back for him.

Will and Sarah go to the bank for a meeting - they need to cut back on their spending. Sarah insists that Will's membership to the golf club should be the first thing to go.

SARAH:    How can I not spend?

WILL:        You're behaving like a spoilt little girl

Beth is unhappy with Jack for talking to Reeve about Frances' operation. Jack is adamant that Frances should have the operation as he has seen it work in Africa. Beth grows concerned when Frances' mum Rita, says she wants Frances to have the operation privately. Beth tells Jack that he has the community hanging on his every word expecting a miracle for Frances - she says she hopes he can deliver.

BETH:    Jack isn't right for me. The thing is the whole thing's's too complicated

ISABEL: Thing is Beth - Life's too short

Jack goes to see Will at home. Will is sleeping on the sofa and Sarah is barely talking to him. Will asks Jack if he'd like some company for the afternoon. 

WILL:    Do you fancy some company?

JACK:    Yeah, if you think Sarah won't mind

WILL:    I'm sleeping on the sofa Jack. I don't think Sarah's going to notice

They go out with Frances and Danny. Will gets drunk and wins 60 on the horses. He tells Jack that Sarah doesn't care about him - trouble is he still loves her,

Danny organises a fun run to raise money for Frances operation. Jack and Will take part much to Beth's amusement.

Frances goes to hospital for the operation; he doesn't regain consciousness. Jack feels guilty and blames Frances' death on himself. Beth goes with him to the wake where Jack apologises to Rita.

Beth makes Jack supper. They kiss!

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