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Chloe collapses whilst doing the ironing. Jack tells her she is doing so much and must take things easy.

News travels around Cardale that a new born baby has been abandoned. A young girl steals some supplies from The Manor as James chases her Jack nearly runs into her. The girl gets away and later sits outside the local shop begging for money.

The police ask for Beth's help in tracing the abandoned baby's mother. Beth asks Kim and Ellie to do a ring round to see of all their pregnant patients are still pregnant!

One of Beth's patients needs some treatment on his knee so Beth calls in a favour from a friend at the rheumotology department. However he tells her that he and his colleagues are not happy to hear that The Beeches may be seeking private treatment in the future. Beth is furious to hear this as she was not aware of that situation. She goes to see Will - he doesn't open the door. He is sitting alone in the dark. Jack tells Beth that they should give Will the benefit of the doubt as they don't even know that he was the one who told the hospital they would be going private.

The young girl is beaten up after a local chip shop worker finds her injecting herself. He assumes its drugs. She goes to The Beeches and asks to see someone. Jack takes a look at her and tells Beth he thinks she is the teenage mum they are looking for, however when Jack and Beth go back into reception the girl has gone.

Will finally answers the door to Beth. She confronts him about the private treatment and says he should discuss things with she and Jack before making decisions. Beth makes her morals known and says as senior partner of The Beeches she will try her hardest to reverse the contract. Will loses his temper and throws all the paperwork at her. Beth sits with him. He apologises and tells her that he's missing the boy. Beth comforts him as he breaks down again.

BETH:    I believe in people getting the treatment they need when they need it

Alice finds the teenage girl hiding in her hen hut. The girl gets scared and runs away, she steals some sweets from the local shop and gets hysterical when challenged. Chloe, who was i the shop, goes back to The Manor and tells Jack and James that she is causing commotion the street. Jack and James restrain the girl and take her to The Beeches. They calm her down and Jack treats her. She tells him her name is Abbey. He finds out she's diabetic which is why she was stealing the sweets. Jack tells her she has a problem with her diet, malnutrition because she isn't eating properly. 

The police question Jack about Abbey taking the sweets. He refuses to tell them where she is but tells them she is not the babies mother - he has done an internal examination. Beth is not happy that Jack isn't co-operating with the police and even less happy where he tells her where Abbey is staying - at their place!

Due to Abbey's diabetes her sight is deteriorating, he organises an operation for her using money which Will has suggested from their fund. The police tell Jack that Abbey matches the description of a 15 year old girl who has ran away from a children's home in Manchester, he realises that Abbey having the operation could put the surgeon at risk because Abbey is under age. The situation worsens when Jack returns home to find Abbey gone - with Beths chequebook.

BETH:    She's stolen my chequebook

JACK:    Have you called the police?

BETH:    No, I called the bank

Kim visits Will with a chinese meal in hand. Will is down about Sarah, the boys and the practice. Kim cheers him up and opens up to him about her child and his father. She tells Will how Sam's dad never wanted to know her when she got pregnant. They get close and Kim kisses Will, he pulls away. Kim is embarrassed but asks Will about whether or not she will be promoted to fund manager. He says they will be getting an outsider in.

WILL:    I do believe you care about what happens to me

KIM:    Well someone's got to make sure you don't fall to pieces

Jack tracks down Abbey. She gets very violent with him. He tries to convince her to have the operation and go back to the home bit she refuses. She says if she's still around in 6 months she'll look him up and then have the operation.

Beth tells Jack he must tell the police of Abbey's whereabouts. Abbey is taken away by the police as Jack looks on sadly.

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