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Jack, Beth and Will have dinner to talk over the final fundholding plans. Jack and Beth thank Will for all is hard work and apologise for the difficulty they sometimes caused. They are having a pleasant evening until Sarah arrives and the atmosphere dies. Will tells Beth that Stuart Mosely has been in touch. He was Will's best man and a good doctor friend of Beths.

JACK:    Here's to Will - our funding fundee

BETH:    Our management mentor

JACK:    Our budgetary...bu....bu...

BETH:    Budgerigar!

SARAH: Well this looks like a good party

WILL:    Yes it was

Stuart goes to see Will. He tells him he has H.I.V. - Will is stunned as it now looks like Stuart is showing symptoms of Aids. Will is also shocked to find out that the health authority are not aware of Stuarts condition. Stuart assures Will he stopped treating patients as soon as he found out and that none of is patients were put at risk. Will is adamant that Stuarts former colleagues should be informed. Will tell Stuart that he will be asking the department of public health for advice on the matter. But he says he will give Stuart a weeks so that he can tell his his daughter, Sally.

Beth becomes involved in he plight of Lou Clarke and her family. Lou and husband Clarkey have two daughters and a baby on the way. They are living in a caravan and Lou is so overworked that Beth has her admitted to hospital with preaclampsia. Beth asks Jack if the Clarkes can move into his cottage seeing as it is vacant - he says no!

Stuart asks Will to get hi some pills - he wants to end his life. Will says no and tells Stuart that he has no right to ask him to do that. Will explains the situation to Jack and Beth and asks Jack if he will take on Stuarts case. Beth and Will are both upset but Jack offers them comfort and advice on how to handle The Beeches first Aids case - he has seen a lot of similar cases in Africa.

Stuart takes an overdose and pulls out hi IV drip. Will has him admitted to casualty and Sally overhears Will tell the hospital that her dad had Aids.

Will finds suitcases under the stairs. Sarah tells him they need to talk. She says if she and the boys mean anything to him hen he will urn up for lunch today.

Jack, Beth and Will continue to thrash out the Stuart situation. Their meeting runs over through lunch and Will calls Sarah to say he will be late. She ignores the call. She has given up. She collects the cases and she and the boys leave for a new flat that she has arranged.

Beth tells the Clarkes that they can move into Jack's cottage - she then goes home and sweetalks him until he agrees to he idea.

Sally provides Stuart with the pills he wants - he dies. Will has an idea about how he passed away but he keeps quiet. He knows Stuart got what he wanted.

Jack, Beth and Will sign the fundholding papers. Jack and Beth ask Will to sign first. They kiss whilst Will walks out alone, he sits in the garden contemplating his loss - a friend and his family.
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