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SERIES 8        EPISODE 8        CLOSE TO HEAVEN - Part 2

Joanna begs the surgeons to keep trying to revive Andrew. Sam explains that there has  been no break in his CPR since he was pulled from the river. The cardiac team shock  Andrew once more and he begins to breathe.

Martin tells Joanna that Nottingham hospital wonít operate on Rachel because the tumour is too close to the base of her brain. They are not experienced in this area and feel it would be  too risky. Martin calls his old medical friend Marcus Minghis who is the best brain surgeon  in the country. Marcus refuses to do the operation on the grounds that his theatre in London is fully booked. Martin suggests he come to Nottingham and perform the operation there  with full support of Nottingham's medical team Ė Marcus agrees.

Joanna takes on Samís night calls so he can go and visit Andrew. When he arrives at the  hospital he is pleased to se that Andrew has woken up with Dawn by his side. Andrew  thanks Sam for saving his life and the previous animosity disappears.

Rachel visits Joanna at home and says she doesnít understand why everyone is going to  such much trouble in order for her to have the operation. She tells Joanna she wants to  know every detail about the operation and the possible after effects.

Martin organises for Rachel to meet with Marcus. Marcus spots Rachelís intelligence and is honest with her. He says the operation could leave her deaf and physically immobile. Rachel tells Joanna she doesnít want to have the operation as she would rather have a few  years left as Ďherí then a life time of being someone else. Joanna doesnít agree with what  Rachel is doing but says she will support her decision.

Keith turns up and tells Dawn that Trent has told him abut Andrewís accident. He says heíll  look after the children so she can spend time at the hospital with Andrew. Dawn reluctantly  agrees.

Joanna sends faxes to all concerned informing them of Rachel's objection towards the  operation. Martin is furious and tells Joanna she has used their relationship and taken  advantage of her position. Joanna says that's not true and is adamant that the decision is  Rachel's and not theirs.

Rachelís father visits Martin and says there must be a way that they can make Rachel have the operation. Martin says there isnít as Rachel is entitled to say which treatment she  receives. However he suggests that her father contact the medical authority to question  Rachelís state of mind. When Joanna hears what Martin has suggested she is furious and  says Martin only cares about Rachel's operation because the reputation of himself and the  hospital will rise when news spreads that Marcus will be performing surgery there.

Andrew discharges himself from hospital and begins to annoy Dawn and the children with  his snappy behaviour. However when Sam tells him he is not fit to return to work Andrew  books and holiday to Disneyland for himself, Dawn and the children.

The medical authority struggle to find anything wrong with Rachelís state of mind. Eventually even her Dad sees how ridiculous the situation is and tells Rachel the decision is up to her. Rachel agrees to have the operation but tells Joanna she is only doing it for her Dad.

The operation goes ahead with Martin and the whole of Nottingham general watching on the  big screen. Halfway through the operation Rachel has a haemorrhage and despite Marcusí  efforts nothing can be done to save her. He stands back from the operating table and asks  for Rachel to be closed up. Martin goes into the theatre and Marcus apologises to him,  saying there was nothing he could do.

Joanna visits Martin at home. He is drinking and tells heís sorry for what happened to Rachel. He says he thought they were really doing their best for Rachel by giving her that operation. He breaks down in Joannaís arms.

Rachel's father talks to Joanna and says he is grateful for what she did for Rachel. He tells her Rachel thought the world of her.