Episode Synopsis

Series 1

Dr Jack Kerruish leaves his beloved clinic in Africa hoping to become a country GP. Meanwhile Dr Beth Glover is looking for a partner to join she and Dr Will Preston at their practice, The Beeches.

Series 2

Jack and Beth have personal demons to lay to rest before they can commit fully to each other. Will and Sarah’s marriage hits breaking point and Chloe and James receive devastating news.

Series 3

Jack and Beth face upheaval when a series of events leads them to question their future in Cardale and with each other. Will adapts to a new life and Dr Andrew Attwood arrives in Cardale.

Series 4

Will attempts to keep The Beeches afloat after Jack and Beth’s departure, and finds new love. Andrew becomes a permanent resident of Cardale and is joined by Dr Erica Matthews.

Series 5

Dr David Shearer joins Andrew and Erica at The Beeches, as Will and Kate leave Cardale. David’s wife Claire experiences challenges with her mental health and Andrew continues to pursue Erica.

Series 6

Andrew and Erica look set to marry, but is Andrew more invested in the relationship than Erica. Meanwhile David and Claire face fresh concerns in relation to her health, and Kim and The Beeches are in danger of being scammed.

Series 7

Andrew tries to convince Dr Joanna Graham to join The Beeches after Erica’s departure. However when tragedy strikes in Cardale, Erica’s position is not the only one which needs filling.

Series 8

Andrew, Joanna and Sam attempt to navigate their way through their own individual and complicated personal lives whilst attempting to save The Beeches.

Series 9

Joanna embarks on a new chapter of her life whilst Andrew and Sam both embark on new relationships. As all three partners make decisions about their future, their plans are shattered by an unexpected death.

Series 10

Andrew, Sam and Tom try to pick up the pieces after Joanna’s passing. Dr Alex Redman arrives in Cardale and is instantly thrown into the drama of village life when Andrew’s affair is exposed. As Andrew prepares to leave Cardale a familiar and much loved face from the past returns…

Series 11

Will is forced to face up to his past now that Kate is back in Cardale and desperate to save her marriage. Alex and Tom continue to dance around each other, whilst the repercussions of Kerri’s accident are too much for Sam to handle.

Series 12

The arrival of Claire Brightwell causes carnage and heartbreak for the residents of Cardale in this the final series of Peak Practice.

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