Series 1 Episode 3 – Growing Pains

Teenager Gemma Sinclair gets an injury whilst training for a running event. Her father; Alan is convinced that Gemma is the next big thing in running and his constant pushing does not help her recover.

Whilst Will is playing squash; Sarah is in bed with Dan Acres. They have been having an affair. She asks Dan to persuade John Reginald to make Will a partner at the health centre. Dan says he will try.

Will tells Sarah he is happy at The Beeches. Sarah tells him that Jack doesn’t think very highly of him.

The Beeches crew attend an opera recital. Jack and Ellie are bored stiff, whilst Sarah spends the evening flirting and exchanging looks with Dan. Jack and Ellie convince Beth to take a weekend off as she is exhausted. Beth says shared nightcalls with the health centre would be the perfect solution – if they weren’t at war.

Gemma takes a shine to Jack as he treats her injury. After he finishes surgery he finds a package on his car bonnet. It is a tape from Gemma telling him how much she loves him.

The following day Beth heads off for break, unaware of Gemma’s feelings for Jack.

Sarah is upset that Will is covering for Beth, she accuses him of being at Beth’s beck and call. Will says he is doing Beth a favour. Sarah calls Dan and asks if they could do something together as Will is on call – he says yes.

New technology proves too much for The Beeches when Kim prints of the wrong prescription for Gemma. Luckily she doesn’t take any of the pills. But Jack tells Kim she has to be more careful – she promises not to let him down again.

Gemma waits for Jack at the pub, he takes her home. He explains to her that they can not be an item as she is just a child. Outside her house Gemma kisses Jack and they are seen by Sarah driving home. As soon as Sarah returns home she calls Dan and tells him what she saw. Dan immediately tells Gemma’s dad who confronts his daughter.

Gemma tells her parents that Jack loves her and that they have plans to move in  together. Alan storms into The Beeches and shouts at Jack telling him he is going to have him struck off – the perfect time for Beth to walk back through the door.

BETH:    You’re one of lifes charmers Jack, and now it’s landed you in trouble

Although horrified; Beth and Will rally around Jack. Beth takes over Gemma’s case and Will talks to Alan. Alan tells Will that it was Dan Acres girlfriend who saw Jack and Gemma kissing. Will is surprised, he didn’t know Dan had a girlfriend. Alan tells Will her name is Sarah.

WILL:    He told me who it was who caught Jack and Gemma having a snog – Dan Acres girlfriend. Do you know what her name is – Sarah

Beth tells Alan that Jack wouldn’t lead Gemma on as he is already spoken for. Against Beth’s advice, Jack talks to Gemma. He plays along when she tells him that Beth told her she and Jack were together.

Gemma realises she has done wrong and tells her dad that Jack didn’t touch her. He apologises to Jack  and says he will drop the case.

Kim becomes hero of The Beeches when she fixes the computer system.

The Beeches crew watch Gemma in the race. Will tells Dan that if he ever looks at Sarah again he’ll push all his teeth down his throat. Gemma wins the race and wishes Jack and Beth all the best for the future. Beth apologises to Jack. She says she never meant to imply that they were an item. He says that it is probably what people expect to happen.

JACK:    Two single people, working together, small community. It’s almost expected as a matter of course

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