Series 1 Episode 4 – Roses Around The Door

Chloe’s sister Val is desperate for a baby. Will tells her that her only option is IVF treatment. He has found her private clinic that will treat her for £800.

Will refuses to take part in the minor ops clinic that Jack has organised. Beth tells Jack she doesn’t want to pressure Will as he’s going through a rough time at home. However Jack tells Will that he has to do minor ops as he and Beth can’t keep covering for him.

BETH:    Don’t be so hard on Will – you don’t know the whole story

ISABEL: Yes I do. His wife’s been doing things she shouldn’t with Dan Acres

Isabel spends the day with Gerald – a recent widower. But her forward thinking is too much for him and he tells her he needs time to think.

Rhiann Lewis arrives as The Beeches trainee. She is also working at the health centre. Jack takes an instant interest in her when he sees her at The Beeches.

Val’s husband Ray has an accident at work. His hands sieze up while he is driving causing his tractor to overturn. Jack is called to the scene. Ray is o.k but worried that he will lose is job and the cottage that goes with it.

Will tells Kim he’s worried about doing minor ops because he is squeamish! She tells him not to worry – Beth doesn’t like the sight of vomit and she’s sure Jack has his weaknesses too. Will is touched by her warmth and the kiss she plants on his cheek!

Isabel and Gerald go for a walk. He tells her he feels like he’s on public view because she is so well known in Cardale. He says he doesn’t want people laughing at them. Isabel treads on some glass and cuts her foot. Gerald takes her to The Beeches where Will treats her. But after a brash comment from Kim Gerald scarpers and leaves Isabel on her own.

BETH:    Did I mess it up for you?
ISABEL: No I did that all by myself

Beth tells Jack he shouldn’t have been so hard on Will. She says she doesn’t want Will upset like that again.

BETH:    You really are an arrogant bastard
JACK:    Thank you

Beth tells Will he must give something too. She says she needs him to share nightcover with the health centre. He says he knows working with Sarah’s lover won’t be easy but agrees that he’ll do it. Will also comes up trumps when he finds Ray a job at the golf club with a cottage to go with it.

BETH:    Kerruish has to learn that beneath that golf mad exterior there beats the heart of a G.P

Jack shows the crew around his new cottage and tells Beth that he will make his peace with Will.

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