Series 1 Episode 7 – Listening Skills

Sarah is concerned when the local shopkeeper returns two of her bounced cheques.

Will has a meeting with Peter – a drugs rep who Will is performing a drugs trial for in return for cash. He has 25 of The Beeches patients on the trial unbeknown to Jack or Beth.

Alice North wants an appointment with Will but Kim can’t fit her in. Beth says she’ll see her anytime she wants but Alice says no – she has to see Dr Preston.

Will tells Sarah about the drugs trial but tell her no-one else knows as Beth doesn’t approve of drugs trials.

Alice is taken ill whilst bowling. Douglas insists on calling Beth. Beth diagnoses indigestion due to Alice’s bad diet of fried food. Alice tells Beth that Will has changed her prescription and that she has to see him every fortnight for tests. Beth tells Will she was called out to see Alice and he says he’ll keep an eye on her. Beth asks Will why he hasn’t written up Alice’s notes, as the appointment book visits doesn’t match up with the number of visits on Alice’s file. He says he has just been counseling Alice – Beth doesn’t believe him.

James accompanies Jack to the local football match where Jack is first aider. Their support is not appreciated when their hollering gives the rival team a penalty. Beth meets Jack at the pitch and they o back to his house for some fish and chips. They kiss again and Beth asks if he’s going to run away again – he says no.

JACK:    Are you doing anything tonight?

BETH:    Yes, seeing as you’re on call I thought I’d make us both supper, if that’s what you Geordies call it

JACK:    We call it supper if it comes between tea and bed

BETH:    Then it’s definitely supper

Will gets anxious when a number of patients don’t turn up for the drugs trial test. His deadline is near and Will forges the reports in order to give back a full set of records.

Alice is taken ill again. This time Jack is called out to see her. Alice tells Jack that she know she is dying as Will has been giving her special tablets. Alice is taken to hospital whilst Jack goes to see Will. Jack tells him about Alice and says he can’t find any records of the tablets she is currently on. Will cracks and admits he has been performing a drugs trial on 25 patients and that Alice is one of them. Jack says he and Beth have been treating Alice with only half the information they needed. Jack and Will head to The Beeches picking up Beth on the way.

Will admits that half of the patients didn’t keep their appointments so he forged the records. Beth is livid and says she has lost all respect for him. Jack calls the hospital to put them in the picture about Alice. Jack then informs Will that he has committed a fraud and sends him home.

BETH:    You’ve risked the health and welfare of all these patients, you’ve lied to your partners and you’ve certainly lost any respect I ever had for you

Jack tells Beth that Will is under pressure and that she shouldn’t be so hard on him. Will is under stress due to Sarah’s affair and their money troubles.

Will tells Sarah what has happened. She tells him that if he loses his job he will lose her and the boys as well. Beth visits Will and tells him not to come back to work until everything is sorted out. She tells him to go and see his own G.P as Jack thinks he is suffering from stress.

SARAH:    If you leave this practice – you leave us

Jack informs Beth that Alice is fine. She has an inflamed gall bladder which has nothing to do with the drugs trial. Beth says that doesn’t change the fact that Will has committed a fraud. She says if the drugs company decide to press charges then Will has to leave the practice.

WILL:    You do know what a struggle Sarah and I have had just staying together

BETH:    And you thought a spot of deceit and fraud might cement your marriage?

Will is upset when Sarah takes back the car he gave her. She shouts at him when she sees the drugs trial packages lying around. They argue and Will reaches breaking point.

He smashes up anything in sight and throws things at a terrified Sarah. Sarah calls Beth who arrives immediately. She apologises to Will for not realising how depressed he was. Will tells her he wants to die. Beth tells Will she will support him – he breaks down in her arms.

WILL:    Oh Beth, the people we see – what have I got to moan about?

Will goes to a hotel on his own. Sarah takes him but doesn’t know what to say. She tells Will to call if he needs anything – then leaves him – alone.

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