Series 1 Episode 8 – Giddy Heights

Jack and Beth have spent the night together. Beth doesn’t want anyone to know about their relationship so she drops Jack off a mile away from The Beeches. Unbeknown to Jack and Beth – Kim sees them and takes great pleasure in dropping little comments about their relationship at work. Jack gives Beth a spare key to his cottage.

Jack goes to see Will who is now back at home. Will tells Jack that Sarah can’t bare to be around him. Sarah tells Jack she doesn’t know what to do or what to say to Will.

SARAH: I can hear myself hurting him, twisting the knife but I can’t stop

Jack spends the day with the mountain rescue crew – he is hoping to be accepted as the doctor for their team.

Isabel finds Jack’s razor in Beth’s bathroom and teases her about it.

ISABEL: You been shaving your legs again?

Sarah shouts at Will and tells him their family is falling apart whilst he just sits there. She walks out on him and goes to see Jack. Jack tells Sarah how his dad used to hit his mum until she walked out on them. Jack explains that when his mum left his dad fell apart – she was the stronger one, and Will is stronger than he looks and will surprise them all.

Beth’s patient Ian is sick after complications with a a kidney transplant. Beth arranges for him to visit the renal unit but instead he goes mountain climbing with his friend. After a night’s sleep, Ian doesn’t wake up leaving his friend to go and find help. On his journey he falls. Ian’s girlfriend alerts the mountain rescue team who, along with Jack, go to find them both. They locate them both and airlift them to hospital. Ian’s kidney problems have worsened and his friend has broken his leg.

Jack and James bully Chloe into taking it easy as the baby is nearly due and she is still working. James takes her to a country cottage so she can relax. No sooner has James gone then Chloe goes into the labour. With the weather bad and the cottage up in the hills, Beth calls Jack to see if he can reach Chloe quicker from his place. But due to his mountain climbing Jack is fast asleep and hangs up the phone without realising who is on the other end. Beth calls Will who takes the four wheel drive up to where Chloe is staying. Beth and James arrive in time to help Will deliver the baby – a little girl called Sarah. Chloe and James are overwhelmed – James faints!

SARAH: You’re ill
WILL: Not half as ill as I’ll be if we lose this baby

Will tells Sarah that they will find a way to manage and make their marriage work.

Beth uses her key and lets herself into Jacks. She joins him in bed and tells him about Chloe’s baby and how Will came to the rescue. They look blissfully happy together – is there a chance they may have a future together?

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