Series 10 Episode 12 – Masquerade

Sam and Kerri plan their engagement party. Kerri is determined to make it the best party Cardale has ever seen.

Tom asks Will how the new house is. Will says he’s finding it hard living on his own and not having people around him.

Kerri visits elderly Alf Rogers. He runs an allotment and has been suffering from some leg pain recently. Alf enjoys Kerri’s company and shows her an old photo album of Cardale and it’s residents. He shows her an old picture of The Beeches and also a picture of her mum and dad, Sylvia and John. Kerri has great fun poking fun at their clothes! Kerri tries to get Alf to have a check up at The Beeches as she can see he is having problems with his sight. However Alf is adamant that his work on the allotment is more important and sends Kerri off with the photo album on hand.

Kerri has lunch with her mum and dad. She wants John to cut down on his speech he has prepared for the party. She shows them Alf’s photograph album and asks them more about Alf and his family history – John and Sylvia are quick to change the subject.

Alf eventually goes to see Sam and Sam takes a look at his eyes. He says Alf has cataracts and will need an operation. Alf is pleased to hear he will soon have his sight back but refuses to let Kerri contact his son, Vick for help.

Kerri asks her mum about Vick. She says Alf could do with the support and care and says she would like to try and contact Vick. Sylvia tells Kerri it’s best she leaves the situation alone as she shouldn’t be getting too involved with her patients.

John and Sylvia visit Sam at The Beeches. They tell him they don’t want Kerri to get involved with Alf and Vick and ask him if he can deter her from get too involved. Sam doesn’t understand and asks John and Sylvia to explain. In a discreet way they tell Sam that Alf’s son Vick went out with Kerri’s Auntie Jenny in the 70’s. Already knowing that Jenny is Kerri’s mother, Sam realises Vick is Kerri’s father, making Alf her grandfather. Sam tells John and Sylvia they should tell Kerri the truth about her parents. He says they are underestimating her as he thinks Kerri could handle the truth.

Will gets involved in the case of medical student Natalie. She has recently been showing signs of erratic behaviour as well as violent tendencies towards her mother. Will calls for her to be accessed and the health authority agree that her mental health is a danger to herself and the people around her. They suspect Schizophrenia and want to section Natalie. Due to bed shortages Natalie will not be able to go into mental health care until the following morning. Her father agrees he will look after her at home as he doesn’t want her to be admitted into Accident and Emergency in the state she is in. Will later receives a call from Natalie’s father telling him that Natalie has escaped from her bedroom window. Will finds Natalie standing on top of a bridge. He makes his way to where she is and tries to talk her down, as he comes close to a break through the police arrive and Natalie jumps.

WILL: I’ve felt just like you – not being able to talk to people

Kerri finds Vick Rogers contact details and tells Sam she is going to call him. Sam tells her not to get involved and says she should leave it up to Alf. Kerri visits Alf and passes on Vick’s details. He tells her he doesn’t want anything to do with Vick as back in the 70’s he got a girl pregnant and refused to stand by her. He tells Kerri the girls name was Jenny, he flicks through his photo album and shows Kerri a picture of Jenny. Kerri is shocked when she sees it is her Auntie Jenny. Alf tells her he has often wondered what happened to that baby and says it would be 30-years-old by now.

Kerri arrives late at her engagement party and is surprised to see Jenny there. Jenny greets her and says she has flown back from Spain especially for the party. Kerri asks Jenny if they can talk outside. She asks Jenny if she had a baby in the 70’s. Jenny says she did. Kerri asks her what happened to the baby. Jenny can say nothing and offers Kerri her apology. Kerri is in tears as Jenny reveals she is her mother. She explains to Kerri that she was 16 when she had her and gave her to Sylvia and John as they were settled and had been trying to have a baby for a long time. Jenny said it was best for everyone because it meant she could still be a part of Kerri’s life. Kerri says all it did was allow her to swan around without a care in the world. Jenny tells Kerri she couldn’t stay close as she couldn’t hold her like she was her own.

KERRI: It would have been better for me to have know the truth

Kerri and Jenny return to the party and Kerri politely sits through the speeches and formalities of the party. Will turns up and turns to the drink for comfort as he is devastated by Natalie’s death. He tells Alex what happened and she tells him it wasn’t his fault.

Sam and Kerri walk home after the party. He asks her what’s wrong. She tells him Jenny has been filling her in on some family history; Jenny is her mum, John and Sylvia are not her parents. She tells Sam it all makes sense now as to why nobody wanted her to contact Vick Rogers. Kerri pauses and realises that Sam also had tried to stop her from contacting Vick. She realises he knew Jenny was her mother. Sam tells Kerri he couldn’t tell her as he was about to come into her family and couldn’t blow a secret that they had kept for 30 years. Kerri tells Sam she doesn’t trust him anymore – she walks off and leaves Sam standing alone.

KERRI: I don’t know you. The Sam I know would never have lied to me. That’s the Sam I wanted to marry

Alex takes Will home, he is drunk and upset. Alex helps him to undo his seatbelt and he leans forward to kiss her. Alex backs away and Will says after a day like today why not. Alex tells Will it’s because he’s married and has a child. She drives away leaving Will worse for wear outside his house.

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