Series 10 Episode 2 – Hit and Run

Alex’s reckless driving causes her to be pulled over by the police and breathalysed. She is not over the limit but is accused of dangerous driving and therefore gets points on her license and a stern ticking off from the investigating officer. When she tells Andrew, Sam and Tom they tease her and tell her that the level crossing in which she was stopped is where the police always wait!

The Beeches staff have a practice meeting regarding how to clinch the Treeclow deal. Sam says perhaps they should get Richard Turner on side seeing as how he’s the PCG chairman and may have considerable input on who gets the contract. They all agree it’s a good idea.

Alex begins her fight to give up smoking, everyone notices her touchy behaviour due to the lack of nicotine. Tom suggest she should try a nicotine patch but she says she’d need a 100 to make it work.

Kate tells Richard she will be spending Thursday evening with her friend Maureen. She tells him she won’t be back till the next day. Richard comments that she is seeing a lot of Maureen recently.

Sam asks Richard if he’d write a letter in support of The Beeches application to take on the Treeclow patients. Richard says it’s a good idea and says he will be happy to do it.

Policeman Chris, who earlier booked Alex arrives on her doorstep in the middle of the night with his pregnant wife in tow. She has gone into premature labour and they felt they couldn’t make it to the hospital in time. Alex delivers the baby but as it emerges she sees the cord has been caught around it’s neck. Chris isn’t confident that Alex knows what she is doing and he pushes her out of the way. The force of his push makes her fall onto the table where she hits her head. Alex soon makes Chris realise that if he doesn’t let her do her job the baby will die. After the baby is safely delivered Alex calls for an ambulance to take them to hospital. The stress of events is too much for Alex and she turns once again to the cigarettes.

The following day Alex tells Andrew what happened and says she wants Chris taken off her patient list. Chris arrives at The Beeches and apologises to Alex. She tells him if she reports him he could lose her job, she also explains that in preventing her from doing her job his baby could have died. Chris tells Alex he has been taking speed to stay on top of things at work and at home. Alex says she won’t report him on condition that he comes off the speed.

Richard asks Andrew if they can get together to discuss prescribing incentives. Richard suggests they meet on Thursday, Andrew says he can’t as he has friends coming around.

Alex tells Andrew she wants to put Chris into a sleep clinic. Andrew isn’t sure about Alex’s diagnoses but gives her his backing. The sleep clinic proves that Chris has narcolepsy, the condition can be controlled so long as Chris stays off the speed.

On Thursday evening, Richard calls Andrew’s house and Sam answers the phone. Richard asks where Andrew is and Sam says he is not expecting him back until morning. Richard follows Kate and watched as she meets Andrew at a hotel with a overnight bag.

Richard arrives at The Beeches and tells the staff they have been granted the Treeclow contract. They crack open the champagne and thank Richard for his support. Richard then announces that Andrew is having an affair with Kate. As Sam, Tom and Alex sit speechless, Richard says this means, that from now on he will be making life very hard for them.

RICHARD: I think you should know before you start celebrating, that your senior partner has been having an affair with my wife. So I’m afraid, I will of course be making things as difficult as possible for you

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