Series 10 Episode 5 – Absolution

Alex receives her divorce papers. She tells Carol she wants to go out later on to celebrate. Carol tells Bridget she is thinking of joining a dating agency.

The Health Authority pay Andrew a visit to follow up Richards complaint. They tell him they will be dropping the complaint as they can see no scope in it, however they would prefer it if Kate registered as a patient at a another practice.

Leanne arrives for her first day as Joe’s nanny. Tom is alarmed by the amount of stuff she brings with her.

Julie’s new boyfriend, Jonny has an accident while out scrambling. Julie interrupts Alex’s celebratory drink in the pub and asks her to take a look at Jonny’s injuries. Alex looks at his shoulder and says he has strained in. However she is concerned when she finds two lumps on Jonny’s chest and asks him to come to The Beeches for some tests. Alex takes a biopsy from the lumps and when the tests results return she has to tell him he has breast cancer. Jonny doesn’t understand how a man can get breast cancer and Alex tells him it is rare. Jonny confides in Alex that his mum died of breast cancer.

Andrew and Kate’s peaceful lunch at the pub is interrupted by Richard who is furious that the complaint he lodged against Andrew has been dropped. His behaviour becomes more and more erratic and when he leaves the pub he collapses outside. Andrew and Kate rush to his aid and Richard is rushed to hospital. He has had a stroke and will need an operation. Andrew and Kate do their best to comfort Lucy but she doesn’t want to know them and says it is all Kate’s fault.

Alex is shocked when her husband Paul turns up at The Beeches. He tells her he has taken 3 days leave from the army to come and visit her. She tells him he can stay at her house and he asks her if she has signed the divorce papers. Alex admits that she hasn’t. Paul tells her he thinks they are rushing the divorce and says he always hoped they’d be able to sort things out. Alex says she is not sure if she wants to sign the divorce papers anymore.

Richard refuses to let Andrew treat him and Kate tells Andrew it would be best if he left the hospital.

At The Beeches, Tom persistently calls home to talk to Leanne, however she is not there and he gets more and more worried about Joe. When she arrives home later that evening, Tom is furious with her and tells her she can’t just go out when she feels like it. Leanne says she left Tom a note on the fridge door and they both find it has fallen on to the floor. Upset, Leanne retires to her bedroom as Tom looks after Joe.

TOM: This new nanny. I think I need a nanny for the nanny

Julie tells Mike and Liz that she is going to go and stay with Jonny as she is all he has. They don’t want her to leave but she says she has to. Liz asks Alex if she can talk to Julie and explain the implications of caring for someone with cancer. Alex says she won’t interfere and she won’t tell Julie to split up with Jonny.

Paul tells Alex that all of her army colleagues miss her. He tells her he believes that they could make another go of things.

Alex tells Tom that Jonny’s cancer has spread. She says she is worried how to break the news to him as she hasn’t dealt with many cases like this before. She later tells Jonny he will need to have his breast tissue removed and will need both Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

Mike tells Julie she can’t continue to look after Jonny just because she feels sorry for him. She tells him she doesn’t know what to do. Jonny decides that he doesn’t want any treatment as he doesn’t want to die like his mum did; weak and in pain. He finishes with Julie and decides to go travelling in Thailand. Alex tells him to call her if he changes his mind about treatment or just needs her advice about anything. Julie says a tearful goodbye to Jonny as he sets off without her.

Richard is taken to theatre for his operation and Lucy is upset that Kate couldn’t tell him she loved him, even at a time like this. Kate tells Lucy she does care for Richard. Andrew tells Alex he thinks Kate may go back to Richard as Richard could use his illness as a way to get her back.

Kate is at Richards side when he wakes up. He tells her he wants to make things up with her and recalls how good they were together. He says he doesn’t blame her for Lucy’s illness and says they owe it to Lucy to get back together and make their marriage work. Lucy, who is standing outside sees what her father is saying.

Alex and Paul kiss and spend the night together. He sees this as s sign that they will be making their marriage work, however Alex realises that nothing has changed when he mocks Julie and Jonny’s situation. She tells him he has never cared about her career and says for that reason he can’t possibly love her. Alex signs her divorce papers and posts them.

Tom buys Leanne a mobile phone so they can keep in touch all the time. He apologises for being angry at her and they vow to be friends.

Lucy tells Kate she has never seen her smile when she has been with Richard, however she has seen her smile when she’s with Andrew. Lucy tells Kate to do what will make her happy and says she doesn’t want her to return to Richard just for her sake. Kate visits Richard and tells him they have given their marriage their best shot but she says she is not coming back to him. He tells her to leave.

Andrew asks Kate if she will marry him, she happily accepts.

Alex and Paul say goodbye. Alex thanks him for visiting and says it has been good to see him. As he leaves Alex cries as one part of her life is over.

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