Series 10 Episode 6 – Lonely Hearts Part 1

Carol comes to work late after having her hair done. The dating agency have been in touch and have found her a date. She meets the date, Ted at the pub and he surprises her when the idea of a cosy meal is replaced by a night at the dog tracks. However they have a great time and Carol enjoys herself more then she thought she would.

Kate returns home in a bad mood – Richard has emptied their joint account. She is furious and her temper gets worse as Andrew has to leave her to visit a patient, even when he’s not the doctor on call.

Andrew visits patient Gillian. She was due to have surgery but ran out of the hospital before the procedure for Fibroids could be started. Andrew explains how important it is that she has surgery as without it she could become infertile. Gillian says it wouldn’t matter anyway as she is unlikely to find a man to have children with. Seeing she is withdrawn, Andrew tells her not to be silly as she is an attractive women and the right person will come along eventually. Gillian agrees to go for the operation the next day and Andrew says he’ll pop by to see her before she goes into theatre.

Ted has an appointment at The Beeches. He has an appointment with Kerri as Tom has referred him for physiotherapy on his back. He brings Carol flowers before his consultation. Tom and Kerri are surprised that Ted is so agile seeing as he has a severe back problem. Tom says he will get Ted some painkillers for his condition but Ted refuses, saying they don’t work.

During Gillian’s operation there is a complication when she reacts badly to the anaesthetic. The complication means she is starved of oxygen for a few minutes and this has left her slightly weak down the right side of her body. Andrew tells Alex he feels guilty about Gillian’s condition as he talked her into having the operation. Alex tells him that with the right support, Gillian will be fine.

Tom asks Carol if she would be Joe’s godmother. He says he knows Joanna would’ve wanted her as she was her best friend. Carol is delighted and says she would love to.

Carol and Ted have dinner, she is concerned when she sees him smoking a joint and she later leaves his house abruptly. He asks her if she is bothered by him smoking, she walks out without giving an answer.

Andrew tells Gillian if she perseveres with her physio, she will be back on her feet soon. Andrew and Kerri help Gillian to take a few steps unaided, as she nears to Andrew she falls and Andrew catches her.

Ted visits Tom at The Beeches. Tom tells Ted his urine sample has tested positive for cannabis. Ted explains that he smokes it for pain relief. He later explains the same story to Carol but she says she doesn’t approve of him using drugs illegally. He tells her nothing else has worked for his arthritis and this is the only thing that helps. Carol says her son’s brush with steroids nearly killed him and says she refuses to have anything to do with drugs.

Kate sees her solicitor. Richard is contesting everything in the divorce. Andrew tells her it doesn’t matter – as soon as the divorce is through, they can get married. Andrew later introduces Kate to Gillian when Gillian gate crashes a drink at the pub with The Beeches staff. Gillian, openly jealous of Kate, is offensive to her and ignores most of what Kate says or does.

Later at home Andrew receives a call from Gillian. She is desperately crying and says she needs him to come and look at her as she is in a lot of pain. Andrew explains that Sam is on call but Gillians distressed voice worries Andrew who visits her at home. When he arrives he finds Gillian in pain and examines her. He says he is worried she may have an infection and says she needs to go to hospital. Gillian becomes more distressed and says she doesn’t want to go to hospital, she asks Andrew if he can do anything for her at home. He explains he needs to find out if she has an infection and to do this he would need to examine her internally. Gillian allows him to do so and Andrew finds no signs of abnormalities.

Sam arrives at Gillian’s house and Andrew tells him Gillian is fine, just slightly distressed, Sam continues his house calls as Andrew is happy to stay with Gillian. Gillian tells Andrew she feels better and hugs him. She tells him she didn’t think anyone would ever want her again. Gillian goes to kiss him but Andrew moves away and leaves, aware that she is seeing him as more then just her doctor.

Carol and Ted go to dinner, he goes outside and smokes another joint. He tells her it’s the only thing that calms his pain. Carol later asks Tom about his views on using cannabis to relieve pain. He says as a doctor he can’t condone smoking of any sort, but in some circumstances it is the right treatment.

Andrew asks Gillian to come to The Beeches. He tells her he is transferring her to Alex’s list. She tells him she has never felt for anyone what she feels for him. Andrew tries to explain things to her but Gillian runs out of the surgery shouting and screaming, she tells Andrew he will be sorry.

Carol tells Ted she doesn’t want to see him in pain and tells him he is not dumped.

CAROL: It’s hard for me to admit that something I’d always considered wrong might actually help

Andrew and Kate both receive letters. Kate’s is confirming her divorce is going through, whilst Andrew’s is from the GMC explaining that Gillian has made an official complaint accusing him of abuse. Andrew visits Gillian’s house and she tells him she won’t talk to him as she’s been advised not too. Andrew leaves her house and Richard emerges from Gillians kitchen – she thanks him for all his help.

RICHARD: Dr Attwood has ruined too many lives. It’s time he was stopped

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