Series 10 Episode 7 – Lonely Hearts Part 2

Alice sticks up for Andrew when the story about Gillian’s accusations hits the papers. She tells him that anyone who knows him knows what Gillian is saying is not true. At The Beeches, patients begin to cancel their appointments with Andrew, and Bridget is nervous when she finds out she has been called as a witness at the trial. The repercussions of the investigation fly around The Beeches when Andrew has to have a chaperone with every patient he examines.

Tom’s parents arrives for Joe’s christening. Tom organises the christening party with Liz and tells Andrew he wants him to be Joe’s godfather. He tells him he doesn’t know how he would’ve coped with Joanna’s death if it hadn’t have been for him.

Andrew tells Kate he is sure this case will mark the end of his career, they are both convinced only one person can help save Andrew and they begin trying to get hold of them, however they are in America and seem hard to track down.

ANDREW: If I couldn’t be a doctor, I don’t know what I’d do

At The Black Swan, Mike tells Andrew he had better go outside and look at his car. As Andrew goes outside he finds his car has been covered in graffiti. He tries to clean it off but fails. Kate comforts him and he slumps to the floor.

Carol and Ted spend the evening together but she won’t stay the night and leaves Ted’s house upset. She later tells Alex that her late husband was the only man she ever slept with and she feels disloyal when she thinks about taking things a step further with Ted.

CAROL: I don’t know why you bother, no sex, no drugs
TED: I’m just waiting for the rock and roll

Andrew, Sam, Kerri, Bridget and Kate head to London for the trial against Andrew.

Tom’s dad Harry, has a problem with his bladder. He won’t let Tom look at it so Tom refers him to Alex, however when Harry finds out Alex is female and not male – he does a runner. Tom and Alex later discover that Tom’s mum and dad have been mistakenly taking each others pills – causing his bladder problems and her forgetfulness.

The Beeches crew are shocked when Gillian arrives at the hearing with Richard in tow. Richard takes to the stand and tells the court how Andrew has conducted affairs with two of his patients, Dawn Rudge and Kate Turner. Richard denies that the case is personal to him and says he is helping Gillian because he thinks Andrew should not be allowed to carry on practicing.

Gillian takes the stand and says that Andrew made a number of sexual advances towards her. She says that Andrew was sexually aroused when he was with her and denies that she gave him permission to conduct an internal examination on her. She says he didn’t preserve her dignity and claims the examination took longer then what she was used to. She says after the examination she began to put her clothes back on but Andrew told her not to. She claims Andrew said she was beautiful and that he tried to kiss her. Andrew’s solicitor asks her why she never reported it to the police. She tells him she couldn’t.

Bridget takes to the stand and tells the court what happened once Gillian ran from Andrews consulting room. She tells the truth but the fact that Gillian was screaming and shouting puts Andrew in a guilty light.

Kerri has her turn on the stand. She tells the court that in her opinion Gillian had feelings for Andrew and says they were completely one sided. She says Andrew felt a need to help Gillian because he felt guilty about her operation going wrong.

Sam also sticks by Andrew but his truthful account about Andrew arriving home late after he had visited Gillian makes Andrew look bad. As the court retires, Andrew launches himself at Richard but Sam and Kate hold him back. Andrew dismisses Kate’s comfort and says he just wants to be on his own.

The next day Andrew and Kate manage to contact their last hope in America. His plane is arriving shortly in London and Kate promises Andrew she will make sure he is at the court in time to testify.

Andrew takes his turn on the stand. He tells his version of the story. He tries to convey the fact that he didn’t touch Gillian in any way other then for medical reasons. He explains that he thought she had a serious infection and felt that if he didn’t act urgently she could become seriously ill. His version of events leave Andrew and his Beeches colleagues fearing the worse, until Kate arrives wearing a huge smile.

Andrew’s solicitor stands up and announces that they have a new witness – Dr Will Preston. The witness is allowed and Will enters the courtroom and takes the stand. He tells the court how Andrew had always been dedicated and professional when they worked together at The Beeches. Will explains that Gillian was once his own patient until he transferred her to Beth’s list. He explains Gillian behaved oddly towards him and made a pass at him. He goes on to say how she would call him at home and turn up wherever he was in Cardale. Will says he never recorded it because he didn’t want to cause Gillian further distress or embarrassment. The judge asks Will if he and Andrew are close friends. Will says he hasn’t’ seen Andrew for 3 years.

The Beeches crew gather and wait for Andrew’s fate to be decided. They are called back into the courtroom where Andrew is found not guilty. Andrew thanks Will but Will says he should thank Kate as she must have broke all speed limits getting him here on time.

The days of Joe’s christening arrives. Outside the church lays Joanna’s grave, laden with flowers and a beautiful headstone. Andrew and Carol stand as Joe’s god parents and the residents of Cardale happily join as Joe is christened. Harry is particularly happy when Tom announces Joe’s middle name will be Harry. After the christening Harry tells Tom he is worried about him and how he is coping. Tom says he misses Joanna but says he has a lot of friends in Cardale and wants to bring Joe up in a place that his mother loved.

At the christening reception Will and Alice catch up on old times. She is delighted to see Will back in Cardale and asks how long he is staying for. Will says he’s not sure yet. Alice asks him how Kate and Emily are, Will says they’re fine before changing the subject and moving on.

Andrew tells Sam, Tom and Alex that he is leaving Cardale and The Beeches. He says he can’t stay as Richard is making Kate’s life a misery and says they both need to move on. He says he doesn’t know what they think of his next proposal but announces that Will has offered to buy him out and become a partner at The Beeches again.

ANDREW: I’ll miss you all

Andrew says his goodbyes to all his friends in Cardale and he and Kate head of to their new life together.

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