Series 10 Episode 8 – Divided we Stand

Will arrives back at The Beeches for his first day at work. Carol receives a postcard from Andrew. He’s in Liverpool doing locum work as he can’t find a practice at present. Carol presents Will with his patient list, and Sam is not happy when he discovers several of his patients have requested to be transferred back onto Will’s list; including Alice who has made a special request to be reunited with her old sparring partner!

Alice has an appointment with Will – mainly to catch up with the gossip! She tells him about her job, taking other peoples dogs for a walk. She asks Will how he is. He tells her he is thrilled to be back in Cardale. She asks how Emily is and says that she must be coming up to the age of 3. Alice asks when Kate, Charlie and Emily will be joining him in Cardale. He tells her there is a lot to sort out and says that nothing is definite yet. Alice comments that he must miss them, Will says he does.

As Will has had to move on from The Black Swan, Alice offers him a room at her house. Tom tells her she can’t pinch his lodger and explains that Will has already agreed to move in with he, Joe and Leanne. When Alice is gone Will asks Tom if he was serious. Tom says yes. He could do with the company.

Will’s patient Chris is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. However he keeps rebelling against the doctors advice and after a row with his half brother at the pub, Chris storms out and retreats to the local arcades, leaving his pager behind. As his father sits in the pub he hears Chris’s pager beep and realises this means a donor has been found. Chris’s father alerts Will and together they go to find Chris. However when Will tracks Chris down and takes him to the hospital they are told that the Kidney has been given to someone else – Chris was too late.

Alice is having problems with her TV set. Local repair man Dougie takes a look at it for her. Whilst he is looking at the aerial, Alice questions him about his female companion whom she often sees walking his dog. Dougie tells her she must be mistaken, he doesn’t have a girlfriend and no-one else takes his dog for a walk. Dougie later goes to The Beeches as he has a problem with his back. Alex can’t find anything medically wrong. However when Kerri examines Dougie she tells Alex that his back problem is often seen in women who wear high heels. Kerri tells Alex that she thinks Dougie may have a habit of dressing up.

Chris’s brother Tony is Sam’s patient. He makes an appointment to see Sam and tells him he would like to donate a kidney to Chris. Sam is not sure that Chris has made the decision on his own and thinks Chris has bullied him into it. Sam tells Will what Tony has said and Will says they can’t just dismiss it as there is no evidence that Chris has bullied Tony into donating a kidney. Sam says he has seen how Chris treats Tony and is adamant that Tony’s request should go no further. Will says this could be Chris’s last chance and thinks the least they could do is run tests on Tony to see if he’s a compatible match.

WILL: What’s worse then watching someone suffer and not being able to help?

At his home Dougie makes himself up and gets in to his female clothes. As he is coming down the stairs in his heels, there is a knock at the door – it’s Alice. Dougie quickly turns to go back upstairs but loses his balance and tumbles to the bottom of the staircase. Alice hears the commotion and goes round the back to check that Dougie is ok. When she enters the house she is surprised to find Dougie on the floor in full women’s attire minus his wig.

Alex arrives at Dougie’s house and sends him to hospital in an ambulance. Alice, who is still shocked at what she saw comments to Alex that she never knew Dougie was ‘one of those’. Alex loses her temper and tells Alice not to gossip about Dougie so that he can return home in peace. Upset by Alex’s outburst Alice flees home.

Tony probes to be a perfect match for Chris and despite opposition from their individual parents the operation goes ahead. Kerri tells Sam she thinks his objections over Tony being Chris’ donor have more to do with his dislike for Will then the actual situation.

Will later visits Sam and tells him the operation went well. Sam asks if he would like to come in for a drink but Will says no, he’s got some letters to do that won’t keep.

WILL: Never give up on a child Sam. Never.

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