Series 11

Episode 1 – Still Waters

Determined to save her marriage, Kate tries her hardest to get through to Will. Meanwhile Tom and Alex have some unfinished business to sort out and Sam and Kerri begin to cope with the aftermath of the accident.

Episode 2 – Flesh And Blood

Bridget oversteps the mark when she gets too close to a patient whilst Tom and Alex brush of their previous kiss. Meanwhile as Kerri struggles with her physio, Sam makes a decision that could put their future in jeopardy.

Episode 3 – Win Some, Lose Some

Sam gets himself into financial trouble to pay for Kerri’s physio and their wedding. Whilst Will and Kate clash when their personal problems begin to cloud their professional judgement. 

Episode 4 – Trust In Me

The situation between Tom and Alex comes to a head when Tom and Mark clash over a patient. As Sam and Kerri’s wedding day approaches, Sam’s secret is discovered.

Episode 5 – Together We Stand

Alex becomes unsettled at The Beeches when she continuously falls out with Will and Tom. Elsewhere, can Kerri’s friends help her to recover from the mess Sam has left behind?

Episode 6 – Prisoners Of The Past

As the anniversary of Emily’s death approaches, Will and Kate are forced to face some past demons.  Can this poignant time bring them closer?

Episode 7 – Private Lives, Public Eye

As relations thaw between Will and Kate, is there a chance he could be having second thoughts about their impending divorce? Meanwhile Tom makes his feelings for Alex perfectly clear.

Episode 8 – Suffer The Little Children

Being so close to Kate again makes Will realise that he is still in love with her – does Kate feel the same? Meanwhile Tom and Alex find it hard to keep professional differences separate from their private lives. 

Episode 9 – Body Beautiful

Whilst Will and Kate settle back into married life, Tom and Alex clash over a patient’s delicate situation. Meanwhile, Alice comes to the rescue of old friend Billy when his health begins to fail him.

Episode 10 – Hidden Agendas

Alex’s birthday and a visit from her Dad resurfaces some painful memories from the past. Meanwhile is Billy playing with Alice’s emotions, or is he really very fond of her?

Episode 11 – Crossfire

Will faces a tough time when his actions are blamed for a patients death. Alex fears she has the same illness that killed her mother, however as she refuses to let her friends help her.

Episode 12 – Blind Spot

Will the pressure from her friends and colleagues force Alex to confront her illness? Meanwhile there’s good news for the Pullens when a family treasure brings a little more than luck.

Episode 13 – Bad Medicine

Tom travels to York to find Alex, the Pullens make a decision about the pub and their future, and Will and Kate work hard to stop their jobs interfering with their relationship.

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