Series 11 Episode 5 – Together we Stand

Will receives a fax from Sam’s solicitor informing him of Sam’s resignation. Will and Tom explain to Alex that The Beeches can’t afford a new partner because of the debt Sam has left them in. Will says the solution is to split Sam’s patient list between the three of them and to not take on anymore patients for a while. Alex thinks a new partner would be a best option but she is out numbered by Will and Tom.

Carol visits Kerri to return some of Sam’s things from The Beeches. Kerri is surrounded by unopened wedding presents and says she can’t face opening them. She tells Carol the house is being repossessed and says she has no savings thanks to Sam. She is going to stay with her parents but says she will not come back to The Beeches.

KERRI: I really loved him

At The Black Swan Carol tells the others about Kerri. Mark arrives to join Alex, which immediately sends Tom packing. Alex confides in Mark about the problems at The Beeches and says she doesn’t agree with Will when he says they can cope with just the three of them.

Tom visits Kerri and tells her it is going to be hard for The Beeches to find a replacement for her but says he understands her not wanting to return to The Beeches. However he informs her that even with her holiday, she still has two weeks notice to work out. She grudgingly says she’ll start her notice on Monday.

Alex’s patient, elderly Ruth Gauld needs an operation to remove gal stones, however Derby County consultant Helen Saunders refuses to operate as she believes the risks of the operation outweigh the benefits. Alex is furious as Ruth is the sole carer of her unwell sister Milly and needs this operation. Alex tells Will and Tom she wants to challenge Helen’s decision. They tell her she can’t as it will only force Helen’s fellow surgeons to close ranks which won’t do The Beeches any good.

Alex tells Mark about Ruth’s situation and Mark says he knows Helen from his training days at the hospital. Mark doesn’t think Alex is very happy at The Beeches and she tells him she isn’t. He informs her that Brassel need a new partner and if she’s interested he’ll put her name forward.

Despite Will and Tom’s wishes, Alex goes to Nottingham general and asks them to take on Ruth’s case. Kate goes to The Beeches and tells Will the committee are not happy with Alex’s decision. Alex tells Kate that Derby refused her the operation and as she thought Ruth needed it she decided to get a second opinion. Kate asks her why she didn’t discuss it with Will and Tom, Alex says she did but felt they were not interested. Will tells Kate this is not true. Kate tells Alex that the PCT are not prepared to support her as The Beeches have a contract with Derby, not Nottingham. Alex walks out and Kate asks Will if everything is ok at The Beeches as they all seem very stressed.

Will is on call when Ruth Gald has a fall. He is disgusted at their living environment and whilst Ruth is taken to hospital, he puts Milly in temporary care. Alex is furious but Tom backs up Will telling Alex what Will is doing is the right thing to do. Alex tells them that she is looking for another practice as she feels her opinion is not valued at The Beeches.

Kerri has her work cut out with two salsa dancers, Dionne and Lee. Lee has pulled a muscle and Dionne is frantic that he will not be able to make the championship finals in two weeks. Kerri prescribes complete rest for Lee but Dionne won’t let him rest and continues to push him into practicing. Kerri becomes aware of this and tells Dionne she is ruining Lee’s chances of recovery. Dionne is furious and takes Lee out of Kerri’s care. Kerri later sees Lee and tells him she is prepared to treat him if it remains between him and her and Dionne is not involved with it. He agrees and Kerri nurses him back to fitness. Tom joins Kerri on the night of the competition and they watch as Dionne and Lee win the championships. Kerri tells Tom he’s been very cocky in trying to entice her back to The Beeches, none the less she is grateful.

TOM: You have to hold on to something Kerri, even if it is just your work

As Tom is doing his rounds at Derby County he sees Mark and Helen kissing. He tells Will what he has seen and says Alex has changed since she has been with Mark. Alex tells Will and Tom she is thinking of joining Brassel with Mark. Will tells her it will probably help many of her patients, seeing as how Brassel have a special relationship with one of the Derby consultants.

ALEX: What are you talking about?
WILL: Maybe you should talk to your boyfriend

Alex goes to Brassel and finds out that Mark has had patients with similar conditions to Ruth and has had them treated within weeks. She goes to Derby and finds Mark in Helen’s office. Mark later visits Alex at home and she asks him how long he has been seeing Helen. He tells her it has been going on since he was training at the hospital. Alex tells him to leave and Mark asks her what she is going to do now; go crawling back to The Beeches?

MARK: Alex it’s not what you think
ALEX: I think it is

Will tells Tom and Alex that Kerri has decided to stay at The Beeches. He leaves Tom and Alex alone and Tom asks Alex if she’d like to go for a meal at the pub. She says yes and comments on how he always knew Mark was a shit – Tom says he had an inkling.

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