Series 11 Episode 7 – Private Lives, Public Eye

Alex opens the new mobile breast screening unit, with the help of Mayor Brown. Tom drives by and watches as Alex makes her speech.

ALICE: You wouldn’t catch me undressing in a caravan

Tom visits the local school and delivers a talk on careers in medicine. Teacher Paula is nervous as she has to go to the hospital soon to have a MRI scan.

Alex asks Tom if he’d like to accompany her to the Mayor’s ball. In earshot of Will, Tom tells Alex that he is already going with Kate. Alex asks Will if he’d like to go with her, he says yes as he’ll be able to keep tabs on Kate.

Tom calls Paula and husband Shaun into the surgery. He tells them that the MRI scan have confirmed their suspicious, Paula had Multiple Sclerosis. Tom tries to explain what this means for Paula but she runs out of the surgery. Instead of talking to Shaun, Paula finds comfort in the arms of one of her pupils, Melanie. They are having an affair which is disguises by the fact Melanie is a tentative art student of Paula’s.

Kate and Tom arrive at the ball and take their seats next to Will and Alex. Tom buys a raffle ticket for a weekend break in a luxury cottage. Alex has also brought a ticket and they both agree to take each other if either one wins. Tom asks Kate for a dance but she says she needs a drink first. Tom and Alex head to the dance floor and leave Will and Kate alone. Kate tells Will that she was going to ask him to accompany her tonight but says she didn’t think he’d accept. Will says he probably wouldn’t have and she says that’s why she didn’t ask him! Will asks Kate to dance and she accepts.

Tom leaves the ball early when he is called out to Paula. When he arrives, he is surprised to find Paula half dressed and in bed with Melanie. Paula asks him not to say anything as she could lose her job, her husband and her two children. Tom tells Will what he saw and Will says he should inform the school as he has caught a teacher in bed with a student. Will tells him he doesn’t want The Beeches involved as they have a contract with Shaun’s company.

Whilst Tom and Alex are having a drink at the pub, Paula collapses. Both Melanie and Shaun rush to her aid and Melanie reveals that she and Paula are in love with each other. When Paula arrives home she finds Shaun has packed her things and kicked her out of the house.

Will tells Tom that Shaun has withdrawn the contract from The Beeches and Melanie’s father has removed the family from The Beeches patient list. Tom tells Alex he’s handled the situation badly and says he should’ve informed the school when he first found out.

At The Beeches, Kate congratulates Will, Tom and Alex for a successful turn around in The Beeches finances. She says the committee is pleased and says the surgery is doing well. Will escorts her outside and tells her he really enjoyed the night at the ball. Kate says she enjoyed it too apart from the fact she lost one of her favourite diamond earrings.

Melanie tells Paula to go back to Shaun and the children, as being without them is making her give up her fight against MS. Paula goes back to Shaun but Tom visits her and says it will never work as she is not happy with Shaun. Shaun is furious at Tom’s intervention and pushes Tom out of the house. However Shaun realises what Tom has said is true, Paula loves Melanie, and he allows her to leave to be with her.

Will and Kate meet at the pub. She says it’s nice as it’s been a long time since they’ve been like this. Will agrees and tells Kate he has something for her. He hands her a single diamond earring, Kate acknowledges it’s her lost earring and asks Will where he found it. Will says he didn’t find it. He presents her with a box and inside is another diamond earring. He says he brought her a new pair as he thought three earrings were better then one. She smiles and thanks him.

Tom drives to Alex’s house and asks if she wants to go for a drink. She says it’s after 11 and says they won’t find anywhere open. Tom says she’s right and turns to leave. Alex calls him back and says he can’t keep doing this, saying and doing things and then backing away. Alex asks him why he is here and Tom tells her he thinks he is in love with her. Alex moves forward to kiss him and Tom responds.

TOM: I think I’m in love with you Alex

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