Series 11 Episode 8 – Suffer the Little Children

Tom and Alex wake up in bed together and find it hard to tear themselves away from each other and make it into work. When Alex finally arrives at The Beeches she is forced to make excuses for Tom’s whereabouts and explains her knowledge of Tom’s situation by saying she ‘bumped into him’ in the village.

Ian, an obese patient of Tom’s, is struggling to lose weight for the sake of his health. Ian is a widower and has been left to look after his daughter Emma alone since the death of his wife three years ago. Ian’s situation hits a note with Tom who wonders what Joanna would make of his relationship with Alex. Tom discuses Ian’s case with Will and Alex and he tells them he wants Ian to have a stomach stapling operation. Will doesn’t think the operation is right for Ian as it will mean a lot of after care and wonders if Emma will end up being neglected. Alex says Ian should try to lose the weight naturally for the sake of Emma. Will also thinks Tom will have trouble convincing the PCT to fund the operation. Tom tells Will and Alex he expected their backing on the situation as they should know him well enough to be sure of his judgement.

Kate goes to The Beeches; she has some questionnaires that she would like Kerri’s patients to fill in. Will is surprised to see her and asks how how she is. She tells him that the pipes have burst in her house causing flooding and a relocation for she and Charlie. Will asks her what she’s going to do and she says she and Charlie are going to stay at The Black Swan until the work at the house is finished – Will tells her she can come and stay with him, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Charlie talks Kate into staying with Will, he welcomes them with open arms and says it will be like old times.

Will’s patient, teenager Zoe, is pregnant. The father of her child is her mother Irene’s husband Jim. Zoe has kept the pregnancy a secret from everyone close to her, including friend Julie Pullen. When Will finds out about the pregnancy Zoe is only weeks away from giving birth. He tries to get Zoe to talk to her mother but she refuses. Zoe had been confident that she and Jim would set up home together after the baby was born but as the birth gets nearer, Jim backs out and tells Zoe he can’t be a father to her child. The stress of the situation causes Zoe to go into labour and she has the baby alone on an allotment.

Ian holds a birthday party for Emma, however nobody turns up. He tries to make it a fun night for her and they end up having a food fight, during which Ian collapses. Emma calls for help and gets through to Alex’s mobile where she asks for Dr Tom. Tom talks to Emma on the phone and he and Alex go to Ian’s house to treat him. Despite a head injury, Ian refuses to go to the hospital. Tom tells Alex he is going to stay with Ian for a while to lend him some company. He says if anyone knows what it’s like to be in his shoes then it’s him. Alex tells Tom he is getting too close to Ian and his situation, he tells her he wants to help him. Alex leaves as she’s still on call.

TOM: We are two very different people aren’t we? Which I thought was ok

Kate is working on her laptop in Will’s sitting room. He sits beside her and looks at her before saying her name, she turns to face him but he loses his bottle and can’t say anything else. He goes outside to put the milk bottles out and finds a baby on the doorstep wrapped in a jumper. He calls for Kate and they take the baby inside. Whilst Kate baths the baby, Will talks to the police. He says he wants to check his patient files before he passes any information on. Kate tells the police that if Will can’t track down the mother then she’ll alert all the practices in the area to try and find the mother that way. When the police officer leaves, Kate asks Will if he knows who the mother is. He says he has an idea but needs to check it out first. As Kate holds the baby, they pause for a second just staring at the child and each other – their thoughts switch to Emily before Will leaves.

Will goes to Zoe’s house but she is not there. He talks to Irene and Jim and tells them that Zoe is pregnant and says he believes that a baby just left on his doorstep is hers. Irene is shocked and surprised that she didn’t know her daughter was pregnant. Will then gets a call from Julie who tells him Zoe is at the pub with her. Will treats Zoe at the pub before accompanying her, Irene and Jim to the hospital. Zoe tells them she wants the baby adopted as the father has refused to stand by her.

Will arrives home and finds Kate waiting up for him. She asks him if he’s ok. He tells her it’s being in a children’s ward late at night again. She comments that it brings back too many memories. Will gives Kate a hug but as they pull away they kiss and passionately make their way to the bedroom, leaving a string of clothes behind. The following morning they are woken by Charlie knocking on Will’s bedroom door. Kate hides in the bathroom as Charlie enters the room, but it’s too late – Charlie’s already seen all her clothes on the floor and realises Will and Kate have spent the night together.

Zoe’s baby boy Jake, is diagnosed with a liver problem and will need a transplant. Zoe isn’t compatible to be a donor and Will tells Zoe they need to contact Jake’s father. Will is shocked when Zoe reveals that Jim is the father and Will talks to him about donating part of his liver to Jake. Jim refuses and Will is disgusted that a man could stand by and watch his child die.

Tom arrives at The Beeches and is not in a good mood. He tells Alex that Ian has decided to send Emma to live with his sister – permanently.

Will arrives home to find the table set out for a romantic meal for two. Charlie tells him he’ll be staying at a friends house tonight before leaving he and Kate alone. Kate tells Will the table was Charlie’s doing and says she’s sorry that Charlie has got the wrong idea about them. She tells him she thinks it would be best if she and Charlie moved out. Will tells her there is no need and says it would be great if they could stay. Will tells Kate about Zoe’s baby and says he doesn’t know what to do about Jim’s refusal. Kate tells him he should tells Irene what is going on – she says he can’t stand by a watch a child die.

Will tells Irene that Jim is the father of Zoe’s baby, Irene is devastated at the betrayal but is still concerned for her grandchild’s welfare and forces Jim to take a test to see if he is a suitable donor. The test is positive and Jake is taken away for the operation with Zoe and Irene by his side.

Bridget gives Tom a fax from Kate – she’s managed to find funding for Ian’s operation. Tom is thrilled but doesn’t understand how Kate knew about the operation as he hadn’t asked her to find the funding. Kerri tells him that Alex asked Kate. Tom arrives at Alex’s house with a bunch of flowers in hand. He thanks her for talking to Kate about Ian’s operation. He tells her he has principals and can’t always go with the flow. He hands her the flowers and she says he is forgiven.

Will and Kate go for a walk. She tells him that she and Charlie can return home as the work on their house is finished. He tells her he has missed her and says that he doesn’t want her to go. Kate says that in America he didn’t want her and ran away hurting she and Charlie, she says she can’t let that happen again. Will says it won’t and tells her he loves her and wants them to be a family again. Unable to deny she feels the same, Kate responds to his kiss.

WILL: I love you. I’ve always loved you. Kate I want us to be a family again, we can work this out. I really do love you.

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