Series 11 Episode 9 – Body Beautiful

Will, Kate, Tom and Alex have a meeting at The Beeches. Kate tells them she’s received a complaint from social services that says on several occasions The Beeches doctors have been antagonistic. Tom tells her they are trying to do the best for their patients whilst Alex says the social services are consistently useless. Kate says they are entitled to push on behalf of their patients but the director says they’ve become too confrontational too often. Will suggests they try and work with social services and says if they have to cross swords then they should all make the effort to be polite. Alex wishes them luck in achieving their goal before walking out of the meeting – Tom follows behind her. Kate tells Will she hopes Tom and Alex don’t feel they are ganging up on them.

WILL: I love it when you’re fired up

Will examines pensioner Billy Gillespie for his latest medical. Billy delivers Meal on Wheels for the elderly folk of Cardale and needs to have his DVLA form signed as he’s over 70. Will passes him fit enough to drive.

Tom asks Will if he’d like to join he and Alex at the pub. Will says he can’t as he’s cooking dinner for Kate. Tom and Alex head to the pub alone. Tom says he hasn’t seen Will this happy for a long time. Alex says she thinks Will and Kate moving back in together is too big a step for them to take so soon after getting back together. Tom tells her to have some faith in them. Will arrives home to find Kate unpacking her things. He tells her he’s glad she and Charlie are back home with him.

WILL: Kate’s got me cooking dinner
TOM: That’s very domesticated. You never cooked when you were lodging with me
WILL: You’re not as attractive

Swimming instructor Andy is diagnosed with Chromes disease and has to have an operation. Andy’s girlfriend Claire is Alex’s patient and has previously had a termination. Alex tells Tom that Andy pushed her into having the termination and then made her go through it on her own. Claire later visits Alex at The Beeches and tells her she thinks she has an STD.

Alice joins Billy as he does the Meal on Wheels delivery, he is driving too fast much to the worry of Alice. As they approach The Black Swan, Billy’s left hand side loses it’s mobility and he loses control of the car. They come into the path of another car and head towards a post – as the other car stops sharply, Alice manages to stop the car using the handbrake. The driver of the other car is Kate – she runs towards Alice and Billy and checks Alice over, she has a sprained neck. Kate wants to take them to The Beeches but Billy refuses to go. Kate takes Alice to see Will and he gives her a neck collar. Alice tells him that Billy is not fit to be on the road and says Will should never have passed him fit. Will says that Billy was fit when he examined him but says he’ll examine him again. Kate takes Alice home.

Andy is unsure about having the operation as it carries some risks, however with Tom and Claire’s persuasion he signs the consent form. Alex tells Tom that once the operation is over Andy will need to be treated for a STD which he’s picked up and given to Claire. She tells Tom not to be surprised that Andy has been cheating on Claire as it’s obvious that Andy ‘puts it about’.

Andy’s operation doesn’t go as planned and as a result he is given a colostomy. He is fitted with a bag and both he and Claire are devastated. Tom tells them that in a year or two the colostomy may be reversed. Alex reassures him that he did the right thing over the operation.

Alex tells Claire she needs to talk to Andy about the STD, as the partners he has been with will need to be treated – Claire tells her she will sort it out on her own.

Tom tells Will and Alex that he is putting in a request to urgently reverse Andy’s colostomy as it is affecting his life and relationship with Claire, as she has moved out of their home. Alex tells him Andy would be better just getting used to the bag and says that Claire left Andy because of how he treated her not because of his health problems. Kate interrupts and asks them if they want to come to The Black Swan as there is a band playing. Will joins her but Tom and Alex say no. Alex tells Tom she thinks Will and Kate know about their relationship.

TOM: Not tonight. Not with these two left feet
WILL: You can trip the light fantastic – I’ve seen how well you two move together

At the pub, Will and Kate watch as Alice and Billy dance. Billy collapses and Will and Kate rush to his aid. Billy is taken to hospital – he’s had a stroke. Alice is worried and Will tells her that Billy will have difficulty with his movement and may need to walk with a stick. Alice stays with Billy.

Tom is still pushing for Andy to have the colostomy reversed. Alex tells him he is only doing it because he feels guilty about persuading Andy to have the operation in the first place. Tom comments on Alex’s detachment and says it must be wonderful for her not to lose her head over anyone or anything.

TOM: He’s having the op ok. If he dies on the table you can enjoy telling me how wrong I was

Andy’s best friend Gary visits Alex. He tells her that Claire has told him to visit her as she has an STD. Alex realises that Claire is the one who has been sleeping around – not Andy. Tom gets the go ahead for Andy to have his operation but Alex is concerned that he may be taking a risk for no reason. She tells Claire that Andy is only having the operation in hope that she will go back to him. She tells her she needs to tell Andy about her relationship with Gary before he has a risky operation for no reason. Alex tells Tom that Claire has been the one cheating not Andy. Tom tells her that Andy isn’t having the operation to get back with Claire – he’s having it because his life is miserable with the colostomy.

Tom talks to Andy and Andy says that he hopes after the operation Claire will come back to him. Tom tells him about Claire and Gary – he says he’s sorry.

Alice doesn’t like the look of the care home that Billy has been put into. She tells him he can move in with her on the condition that he contributes to the bills.

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