Series 12 Episode 1

Captain Claire Brightwell is dismissed from the army and told she is lucky she is not facing a prison sentence. She packs her things and heads out of the army for a new life – where is she heading?

Will and Kate set of for work together. Will gives Charlie some money to take out is new girlfriend Jessica and tells Kate he loves her before they take their separate routes.

Tom is on a rock climb with Terri and her boyfriend Mark. During the climb Terri slips and dislocates her arm. Tom puts her arm back into place and Terri is adamant that she doesn’t want her mum to find out about her injury. When Alex arrives and asks what has happened Tom tells her that Mark burned his hand on the rope. Alex hurries Tom along as they are late for work. She has brought him his clothes and he gets changed in he car much to her amusement.

The Beeches are holding interviews for the position of practice nurse as Bridget has now left. Carol and Kerri are convinced that applicant John is perfect for the job – for purely unprofessional reasons! When Tom and Alex arrive at The Beeches Alex spots Claire. They hug and it is obvious that they are old friends. Claire tells Alex that she has applied for the job as practice nurse. Alex explains to Will and Tom that she and Claire were best mates in the army and that she thinks Claire will perfect for the job. However during her interview Claire fails to impress Will, Tom and Kerri and says the reason she left the army was because she was offered promotion. She says that she had stopped learning and wanted to move on.

ALEX: What made you want to leave?
CLAIRE: Ran out of men
WILL: I don’t think we can help you on that front

After her interview Claire overhears Will asking fellow applicant John if he can start next week. Realising she hasn’t got the job she tells Carol she has to go and asks her to pass on her apologies to Alex. Alex is not happy with Will, Tom and Kerri’s decision that John is the right man for the job, she says it will be The Beeches who miss out – not Claire. Whilst John is walking home Claire pulls up beside him and offers him a lift – he accepts and they later emerge from the woods – half dressed. Claire drives John home and glees in delight as she sees him being greeted by his wife and child.

A young man drives into Cardale, fag in one hand and can of beer in the other. His car gets a puncture and he dumps it in the fields. Will and Kate are relaxing at home together when John calls. Will is delighted when he offers John the job and he accepts. Whilst on the phone Will notices a figure outside – it is the young man from the car. Will goes outside and is surprised to see it is Tony – his eldest son. Will tells Kate an Charlie that Tony will be staying for a few days. Will tells Kate he has a few questions to ask Tony, she tells him to make him feel that he’s welcome in their house. Tony tells Will he didn’t get a taxi because he hasn’t got any money, however when Tony goes to bed Will finds his wallet loaded with cash.

Terri goes back to The Beeches – her mum has seen the bruises on her arm. Alex is concerned that Tom didn’t tell her about the dislocation and also concerned about Terri’s health. She checks Terri’s heart and notices a problem. Much to Terri’s disgust she performs an E.C.G. Tom wants to know what is going and Alex tells him that she thinks Terri has a serious condition. Tom asks Alex if he can help but she says no, she doesn’t want him interfering. She says ever since she’s been back from sick leave he’s been trying to lesson her load.

Claire pays John a visit and says she thinks they can make a deal. A deal where she gets to be The Beeches practice nurse and he gets to stay happily married. Will receives a call from John – he is turning down the ob. Will goes to see Tom and Alex and tells them about John. Much to Alex’s delight they decide to offer the job to Claire.

Charlie has a sneak at Tony’s room. While he is there he answers a text message on Tony’s phone that reads ‘My car or your balls’. Tony catches him and frightens Charlie with his sinister behaviour. Kate asks Will to lay down a few ground rules with Tony. She says he’s welcome to stay but should behave as a member of the family. Will agrees with her and once again asks Tony what the problem is but Tony doesn’t give anything away and is again offended when Will offers him financial support.

TONY: Just leave the cheque blank – like your conscience

Alex tells Tom that Terri has a major heart problem. They both go up to the rocks where Terri is taking part in another rock climb. Terri collapses and Tom and Alex have to administer CPR. They admit her to hospital but she sneaks out. The hospital call Alex and alert her of Terri’s disappearance. Tom doesn’t think Alex will be able to get through to Terri and he is right – Terri tells Alex she is exactly like her mother. Terri’s mum asks Tom to talk to talk to Terri as he is the only one she will listen to. He is weary of interfering with Alex’s patient but talks to Terri and persuades her to have some tests done at the hospital.

Tony talks Charlie into taking the day off school to help him fix the car. He lets Charlie drive it and before long they are being tailed by the police. Tony tells Charlie to keep driving and when they come to a sharp halt Charlie gets out of the car and does a runner. Tony is arrested and Will is called to the station. He is told that there was someone else in the car but the police don’t know who. Tony tells Will he was kicked out of college. Will and Tony arrive home and Kate receives a call from Charlie’s school saying that he was absent today. Will asks Tony if Charlie was in the car with him and says that if he was they are finished. Will asks Charlie where he was today and he says he was at the arcades in Derby, Will tells him they will talk later but for now he is grounded.

WILL: If it was him, you and I are finished – you can go to hell

Tom and Alex quarrel about Terri who now needs surgery. Tom asks her what her problem is and she says it’s him. She says he has given Terri the support she needs but all he keeps doing to her is wrapping her up in cotton wool. Tom doesn’t agree and Alex says if he can’t see it then what chance do they have. Back at home Tom finds Alex crying. She tells him she wants him to touch her but he says he is scared of hurting her.

TOM: Alex I care about you. I love you

Charlie finds Tony taking drugs. Tony offers him some but Charlie says no. Kate tells Will that if Charlie was in that car then they both know whose fault it was. She tells him he has to something about Tony – now.

Tom and Alex relive their passion of yesteryear and are watched by Claire, standing outside their house looking in through the window. Claire turns away and smiles – what is she plotting?

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