Series 12 Episode 12

Will and Charlie are having breakfast when the phone rings. Will tells Charlie to leave it and it flips to the answering machine. It’s Kate. She asks Will to pick up the phone but he ignores it. She is staying at a hotel and says them not talking is no good. Despite Kate’s pleas Will does not pick up the phone and Charlie walks out.

Shaun is taking diet pills. However he is fooling Kerri and Matt by exercising and daily jogs. Whilst running he twists his ankle, he goes to see Kerri and she says it isn’t sprained but there is a fluid build up. She refers him to Matt who says Shaun has gout caused by dehydration but in Shaun’s case due to excessive alcohol.

Will, Tom, Alex and Matt have a practice meeting. Will says he has consulted his solicitor to redraft the practice agreement so it is more fairer than this one. Alex says it would’ve been fairer if they had been consulted before hand. Will says he knows the trust won’t come back easy but it will come back. Tom says he is looking for a new practice nurse. Matt asks if Claire is definitely gone, Will replies yes and says if she returns the police are interested in talking to her. Will tells them he wants things to get back to normal.

Claire is in Cardale. She visits patient Julian Rankin and says she is there to give him his over 75 check up. She asks to use the bathroom before she goes. She goes into another room and takes a small case from his cupboard. Mr Rankin sees her and says he is going to call the police. Claire stops him dialling and he falls to the floor clutching his chest. He asks her to call an ambulance but she steps back and watches him die.

James visits Kate at work. He asks her what he’s supposed to think when she disappears for days and doesn’t call him. She tells him that what happened between them was a mistake. He says it didn’t feel like a mistake and tries to kiss her. She turns away and says she thinks he should leave. He spots her resignation on her desk and is surprised she is quitting her job. She tells him she loves Will. James says he’s sure that will provide great comfort to Will, after all it’s not everyday a member of staff accuses you of rape.

JAMES: I thought you loved your work
KATE: I love Will more

It’s the quiz night at the pub and Shaun flees the question masters post when he has ‘an accident’. He asks Matt if he can continue doing the quiz. After the quiz Kerri locks up the pub and Matt discovers that Shaun is taking diet pills. He explains to Shaun that there are serious side effects if he takes them without reducing his fat intake. Shaun explains his predicament and need to lose weight. It appears he wants to lose weight to make Kerri fall in love with him.

SHAUN: I look at a doughnut and put weight on

Alex receives a call from the coroner. The post-mortem on Lieutenant McEwan produced no new evidence or showed anything abnormal about his morphine levels. Alex tells Tom she is sure Claire killed Lieutenant McEwan. Tom says without proof it doesn’t matter what she thinks, she has to let it go. Tom says he believes her but says it is affecting her work and them. They later go for a walk and Alex says he is right, she must stop beating herself up over it. She tells Tom she loves him and Joe.

ALEX: I love you – both of you

Kate arrives at The Beeches and asks Will why he didn’t tell her about Claire. They sit in Kate’s car and talk about the rape allegation. Kate is confused as to why the police didn’t dismiss the claim as Will didn’t have sex with Claire. Will asks her if she would feel less guilty if he had. He tells her that Claire wanted sex so she drugged him and made him have sex with her. Kate is in tears as Will attempts to get out of the car. She asks him not to go but he says he has to work and gets out of the car.

KATE: Please don’t go. I miss you

The Beeches gardener Brian is concerned when he finds neighbouring gardener Sidney crying in the state grounds. Brian asks Will if he would look at Sidney. Will checks Sidney over and at first thinks he has a drink problem. However after rethinking his dismissive actions, Will performs some more tests on Sidney. Sidney tells Will how he and his wife no longer talk as she can’t bare to be around him and he can’t bare to be around himself. Will finds out that Sidney has a medical condition and prescribes some pills.

Alex cooks dinner for Tom and has a game lined up for desert. She directs him around the kitchen to find his surprise. When he eventually finds the small box, he opens it to find a ring inside. Alex says she knows it’s not the done thing but asks if he will marry her.

Shaun and Matt help Kerri decorate her cottage. When Kerri goes to bed Matt sees Shaun taking tablets. Shaun says they are headache tablets but won’t let Matt see them.

Claire is still saying at Mr Rankin’s house. Will drops round to perform the over 75 check up and is concerned to see papers and milk sitting outside the house. As he approaches the house Claire tries to make a run for it but has to hide when Will enters the house. He finds Mr Rankin dead. The police arrive and Will says the cause of death was a heart attack. He asks the police if he can take Mr Rankin’s dog with him.

Kate arrives back at her hotel to find James waiting for her. She asks how he knew she was staying there, he tells her he picked it up from the pub gossip. He says he knows she feels guilty but tells her he loves her and always has. James says he is married and his wife is in Italy. Kate says she thought they had separated but James says they haven’t as until now there has never been a reason. He tells her they both have something to lose and deserve more then a rushed goodbye. He tells her he is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it – the kind of man Will isn’t. She walks away from him and goes into her hotel, where she sits and cries.

KATE: You really are a shit aren’t you

Tom arrives at The Beeches carrying flowers. In front of Will, Kerri and Matt he announces he and Alex are getting married. Celebrations begin at the pub and Leanne arrives to wish the happy couple well. She tells Kerri and Matt she is making good progress and growing more independent each day. Tom and Alex ask Leanne if she will be bridesmaid and she gratefully accepts.

SHAUN: This round’s on me as long as your name’s Tom or Alex and you’re getting married

Will walks out of the pub and is met by James. James says he was going to see Will at The Beeches. He begins to mimic Will by saying he’s depressed, taking happy pills and says his wife doesn’t understand him. James asks Will if he likes Kate more now she’s resigned from the P.C.T as it means he’s wearing the trousers. James asks Will when was the last time he made Kate smile or feel like a woman. Will punches him to the floor much to the delight of Brian who is watching.

Will and Charlie talk after the dog goes missing again. Will tells Charlie that he and Kate are trying to sort things out but he doesn’t know how long it will take. Charlie ask Will if he hates Kate. Will says no, he’s just angry and hurt. Charlie says Kate is trying to say sorry, Will says he knows she is and thanks Charlie.

Matt makes a mess of the wallpapering at Kerri’s cottage on purpose. He tells her Shaun brought the wrong paste and to make it up to her they are both going to take her to dinner. Matt tells Shaun that he is not going to go so he can finally have a date with Kerri. Shaun complains of pain and collapses. Matt sees him to hospital whilst Kerri waits alone in the restaurant.

Claire drives to Tom’s house and is stunned when Leanne comes out outside and gets into her car. She asks Claire to take her to the station. Claire is confused and tells Leanne she is not her taxi. Leanne apologises and Claire comments on the nice flowers Leanne is holding. Leanne tells her they are for a friend who is getting married. Claire asks when the big day is and Leanne tells her it’s Saturday.

Matt visits Shaun in hospital and tells him the ultra sound has shown he has kidney stones. Matt tells Shaun he has two choices; lose weight by exercising and eating healthy or to learn to like himself more. Shaun asks if Matt can explain to Kerri why he stood her up last night. Matt goes to see Kerri and tells her Shaun is in hospital.

MATT: Learn to like yourself more, as much as your mates do

Brain visits Will and comments on how Will is a good listener and a lousy talker. Brain says he saw Charlie walking Julian Rankin’s dog. Will asks if Brian knew Julian. Brian says no as he was a loner. He tells Will Julian’s wife must’ve done something terrible as he chucked her out and spent the rest of his life alone. He asks Will if he thinks being so proud kept Julian happy at night with only his dog for company.

Kerri visits Shaun in hospital and says she’d hate him to have got the wrong idea about them. She says she hopes he hasn’t done any of this for her. Shaun tells her maybe they are not sorted enough for themselves yet to be sorted for anyone else. Kerri agrees with him. As she leaves he asks her what she was wearing last night, she tells him and he says he bets she looked magnificent. She asks him what he was wearing. He says she’ll never know – unless there’s a next time.

Will goes to Kate’s hotel and calls after her as she goes in. He asks her to come home. He says he really means it. He tells her they can’t sort things out here and asks her again to go home. She smiles as he tells her he loves her. Back at home together, Charlie asks them if they can return to America for a holiday. Kate says she’s got some free time on her hands and says they will think about it. Will tells her to book it. She and Charlie can go now and he’ll meet them in a couple of days. He says he thinks it’s the best thing they can do. They kiss.

WILL: We can’t sort things out here. Come home. God, I love you

Will finds Brian with the dog which has again returned to Mr Rankin’s house. He tells Brian that Kate has come back and thanks him. Brian says he is doing god’s work by keeping people in twos! Will asks if Brian could look after the dog whilst he and Kate are away. They pay a visit to Sid who announces he kissed his wife this morning. Brian joins Sid for lunch and it appears Sir Sid is lord of the manor and not just the gardener.

Will throws his Prozac in the bin before driving home with a smile on his face!

Close behind is Claire, who opens up the case she took form Mr Rankin’s house and reveals a gun. She loads it up and put it in the cars glove compartment.

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