Series 2 Episode 12 – Power Games

Beth is called out to Bob Massey who has suffered a mild heart attack.

Frank Hooley arrives at The Beeches with a dislocated shoulder. Jack treats him and puts it back in place. He asks Jack for a sick not – Jack signs him off for a week.

Beth arrives late for work due to her night calls. When she picks up her files from Kim she finds that she has been left with all the female patient whilst Jack and Will have taken all the men.

WILL: Nice lie in Beth? Some cock and ball story about call outs – it won’t do you know – covering for each other just because you’re married

Jack and Beth discuss nightcalls and how they wake each other up when the other is on call. Jack tells Beth she needn’t attend every call – sometimes advice over the phone is enough.

Beth once again is left with the female patients whilst Will takes off for an afternoon of golf. Kim hands Jack and Will a letter each. It reads ‘Women don’t bite you swine’ and is written in Beth’s handwriting. They are puzzled.

Will helps Kim when her bike breaks in the middle of the road. She is upset that she is not in the running for fund manager. Will tells her they need her running The Beeches not pen pushing. He tells her she’s very special and promises her that a pay rise will come in time.

Frank Hooley is back with another shoulder dislocation. This time Will puts it back in place.

Beth tries her hardest to stop Bob Massey’s warring family but her efforts fail and Bob has another heart attack. Beth and Will attend the scene and mange to revive him. The seriousness of Bob’s condition prompts Bob’s family to pull together.

Frank attend the surgery once more but leaves when Kim tells him only Jack and Will are available.

Jack and Will make light of Beth’s note and write up their own letter stating that all female patients should be chaperoned at a cost.

WILL: Glad I’m not married to her. Didn’t think of that did you? Spare room for you tonight!

Will and Kim get a visit from the insurance claims officer. He informs them hat Frank Hooley is well-known for his medical claims. Will is told that Frank is always looking for new doctors to con – Will and Kim track Frank down and hand him in to the insurance claims officer.

Beth confronts Jack and Will. She says that it is unfair that she is left with the bulk of the female patients. However if they want to split patient lists according to sex then they can have all the male ailments that go with. They apologise but bring up the subject of chaperones – she leaves them to spend the evening together.

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