Series 2 Episode 13 – Happy Ever After

The police arrive at Alice’s house. They have a warrant for her arrest because she hasn’t paid her council tax. They says if she gives them the money now they can leave. Alice doesn’t have the money so they arrest her. When she is taken to the station she is put in a cell.

Jack and Will are preparing for interviews for the position of fund manager. The interview a number if candidates but are terribly excited at the prospect of interviewing Trevor – they vow to make him squirm. Kim tells them she hopes they find someone soon, hey say they are looking for someone who she can really get on with.

INTERVIEWEE: No need to show me out. I can find my way, just about anywhere
WILL: Oooh I bet she can!

Alice is taken into the court for a hearing where Isabel is magistrate. Isabel informs the court that she knows the defendant and they adjourn. Isabel goes outside the courthouse and calls Beth from a phonebox. She informs Beth of Alice’s situation but tells her to keep quiet – she shouldn’t have said anything.

Beth arrives to take Alice home and is disgusted to see how Alice has been treated. As Beth tries to get her to stand up Alice collapses. She is very worn out and Beth takes her home. She tells Alice that she doesn’t understand why she is being so hazy with her council tax payments, as Alice isn’t really sure whether she paid them or not.

Jack and Will interview Trevor. They are pleasantly surprised by his attitude towards the job. Later when they have dinner with Beth and Isabel they tell them how well Trevor did and how they think Trevor would be perfect for the job. Beth is surprised. The dinner party turns sour when Beth and Isabel clash over Alice’s situation and despite Will’s protestations Isabel leaves.

Alice refuses to open the door to Beth. The milkman tells Beth that Alice has been paying through her letterbox for about a month. Beth tells Will that she thinks Alice is scared of going out. She asks Will if he will come and see Alice with her as Alice has s soft spot for him. He says he will on one condition – that Beth interviews Trevor for the fund manager’s job. She reluctantly agrees.

Jack’s tenants, the Clarkes have their brother Carl to stay. He is a drug addict and can’t kick the habit. He breaks into The Beeches and steal some prescription pads and syringes. Beth is called to the scene but can’t find anything else missing. Isabel finds Carl asleep in a hut and calls Jack. Carl is high and threatens Jack and Isabel with a knife. The situation worsens when he recognises Isabel from the curt where she was the magistrate hearing a case which did not go in his favour. Jack talks him around and the police take him away.

Beth and Will visit Alice. She lets them in after Will lays down the law with her. She tells them she has been confused by the bills and finds it hard to keep track. Alice also says that she became lonely after Douglas died. Beth tells her shell start visiting her and see if she can get someone from the church to take her for Sunday service.

WILL: Alice if you don’t open this bloody door I’m going to break it down

Disheartened by recent events; Isabel tells Jack that she is retiring from the magistrate court. She doesn’t feel she does any good anymore.

Alice visits Beth at The Beeches with a bottle of homemade plonk and a birthday card. She thanks Beth for helping her. Beth is touched and delighted that Alice has come all that way on her own.

ALICE: You’ve got a sharp tongue, but a good heart
BETH: Two of a kind then

Chloe calls Beth to the pub for an emergency however when Beth arrives she finds the Cardale crew out ion force for a surprise party. Leanda lets it slip that Trevor has got the job much to Kim’s delight and Ellie’s annoyance. Isabel and Beth make up and Ellie tells Kim they’ll be looking for other jobs soon. Kim says that’s ridiculous – they’ll always need a practice nurse and a practice manager. Trevor is about to tell Beth that he’s let it slip about the job but Jack interrupts by kissing Beth to a rapturous applause!!

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