Series 2 Episode 2 – Old Habits

Sarah is upset that she and Will haven’t received and invitation to the captains ball. Will assures her that it’s probably just stuck in the post.

Beth asks Jack if they can meet for supper. He tells her he’s not sure what kind of relationship they have anymore. He’s confused as to whether they are friends, lovers, what? Beth assures him that nothing’s changed and it will just take them a while to get back to where they were before he proposed.

Beth battles with Rob Clulow, a friend of The Beeches staff whom, despite a heart condition can’t give up smoking. Beth tries to get Mr. Jenkins to operate on Rob but he refuses seeing as how Rob has made no attempt to quite smoking. Jack and Beth are adamant that Rob should have the operation but Will agrees with Jenkins.

WILL: Oh I bet you get lonely up there on the moral high ground, good job you’ve got eachother for company.

Rob’s son Harry becomes friends with Tony Preston. They both go to the new school. Whilst playing at the wreck Tony and Harry become involved in a fight with some older lads. In no time at all bricks and stones are being hurled from one gang to another and a brick that Tony throws smashes the roof of a greenhouse. A piece of the roof lands directly in the stomach of one of the older boys; Wayne.

Sarah is delighted when she receives her captains ball invite, however when she and Will leave the house there is no sign of Tony who they figure is just out playing.

Jack is called to see Wayne and administrates some pressure to the wound. Wayne is in a bad way and Jack can hardly believe it when the finger of blame is being pointed at Tony.

Will and Sarah are called away from the dinner by the police. They go to see Tony at the police station who is discharged pending further investigation. Beth visits Will and Sarah at home. Sarah is hysterical and tells Will that their son is a murderer. Will tries to calm her down but it just results in another war of words. When Beth begins to looks after Will Sarah gets angry and shout at Beth too.

Will tells Beth that he and Sarah are doing a lousy job at bringing up Tony and Julien. He compares them to Rob Clulow, a single man who still manages to raise three troublesome children. He finally agrees that she and Jack are right about Rob’s need for the operation.

WILL: You and Jack are right – people should come first

Tony is distraught by his actions and even more so when Sarah refuses to acknowledge him. Will does his best to help him out, offering him comfort and regular updates on Wayne’s condition. They go to the police station where Tony is let off with a caution as this is his first offence and he circumstances involved alot of other youths.

Over a round of golf Will convinces Jenkins to perform Rob’s operation – much to Jack and Beth’s delight. He also tells Sarah that they have no choice but to let Tony mix with the other children in the area, after all what communication skills will Tony learn from them at home?

WILL: All he’ll learn from us is how to spit, snarl and hurt eachother. What kind of childhood memories do you think Tony and Julien will have Sarah?

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