Series 2 Episode 3 – Love Thy Neighbour

Will and Sarah host a housewarming party. Beth is not happy that Will has invited fundholding advisor Greg Miller and when Sarah tells Greg it’s Beth who’s holding The Beeches back from going fundholding, Beth makes sure her views on fundholding are made clear.

Brian Drake complains to Beth that Jack won’t fit him in for a medical even though he needs it for work. Beth asks Jack why he hasn’t fit Brian in and Jack explains that he was keeping to the practice policy – non-urgent medicals are carried out in the third Saturday of every month.

Chloe is tired and irritable. James tells Jack he thinks something is wrong with her. Chloe goes to see Jack and tells him she has found a lump in her neck. Jack feels it and doesn’t think it is anything serious but send Chloe for a biopsy anyway. The biopsy shows that Chloe has Hodgkin’s disease – a form of Cancer. Chloe insists that James shouldn’t know that she is sick. Jack tells her he will help her beat this illness.

Jack is surprised to see Brian Drake appearing from Beth’s consulting room – she has done his medical. He tells her he’s not happy that she done that behind his back. They go for a walk and Beth explains how she has never really had a serious relationship before. Jack tells her he doesn’t want flings or affairs anymore – he wants commitment. Jack says if Beth is so scared of having her wings clipped maybe they should see less of eachother – Beth agrees.

BETH: I’m 37 years old and I’ve never lived with a man. I’ve no idea what it’s like to share your life with someone

James knows that Chloe is hiding something from him and demands that Jack tell him what it is. Obviously Jack can’t due to patient confidentiality, but he does tell James that Chloe is ill.

JAMES: You’ve lived in our bloody house and you won’t tell me what’s wrong with my wife

Jack meets Chloe from the hospital. He tells her she has to tell James, she must draw on the support of those around her to get through this illness. Chloe tells James – he surprises her by handling it quite well. They go to see Jack together but their positive attitude is dashed by Chloe’s test results from the hospital. Jack informs them that Chloe has stage 4 Hodgkin’s disease – he cancer has reached her abdomen. He assures them that they can still beat the illness – but the it will be a tougher battle. Chloe says she will not have the treatment – if she’s going to die she won’t poison her body in the process.

BETH: Breaking bad news is the hardest part – especially to someone you love

Beth goes to see Chloe and takes her to her fathers grave. Beth explains how angry she felt when her father died, but there was nothing he could do to prevent his death – he died of a heart attack. She tells Chloe she must fight the cancer as she owes it to Sarah-Jane, James and all the other people that love her – but most of all for herself.

Beth visits Jack, she tells him he’s right about their relationship needing commitment. She understand that they can’t stand still as relationships either progress or decline. She says she’s not ready to grow up yet – their relationship is over. She kisses him and leaves.

BETH: It’s over, you and me
JACK: What?
BETH: I’m finishing it, us, it’s over

JACK: Don’t just walk out of my life
BETH: I’m hardly doing that am I

BETH: But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you – I’ll always love you

Chloe arrives at Jack’s with a hotpot. She’s ready to fight her disease.

CHLOE: I’ve always wanted to wear one of those brightly coloured wigs. Well if my hair’s going to fall out I might as well have a laugh when it happens.

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