Series 2 Episode 4 – Act of Rememberance

Douglas Hart plans to attend the spitfire flypast with his army pals. Alice doesn’t think he should be going as he’s not fit to be by himself. Her fears set in when she arrives at Douglas’ to find him asleep with his chip pan on fire. Isabel says she will be happy to take Douglas to the flypast, but Alice is till not happy about it.

Jack makes some difficult questions during a practice meeting. Will is not sure what point he is trying to make. When Jack leaves the room, Beth tells Will she and Jack have split up. Will is shocked and asks if they will still be able to work together, Beth says she hopes it won’t interfere.

WILL: Was it mutual?
BETH: Nearly. Well no not really. He wanted a bit more of me then I was willing to give so he’s feeling a bit hurt, a bit rejected

Isabel visits Jack at The Beeches. She asks him how he’d feel about having her counseling team offer a service at the practice. He says he’ll discuss it with Beth and Will. Isabel thinks that will be impossible judging the current situation between he and Beth. Jack confides in Isabel about he and Beth’s split. She tells him that sulking around won’t help the situation.

JACK: We both think the world of eachother. I know that, Beth admits it, so why won’t she marry me?

Isabel attends her counseling workshop and becomes friends with local businessman Ken Alton (Frank Windsor, who played Alex’s dad in Series 11). Whilst Ken finds it difficult to act out the roleplay situations, Isabel revels in acting as a rebellious teenager!

ISABEL: I love everything I do. It’s part of my religion

Jack and Beth have a disagreement over a workaholic at Ken Alton’s factory. He thinks Beth should be checking up on the work environment more regularly. He is very frosty towards Beth. She asks him how much longer this behaviour is going to go on for – he doesn’t answer and walks out.

Isabel, Ken and Douglas head to the flypast. Whilst Douglas is with his friends; Isabel and Ken take refuse in his car. They grow closer and as they kiss – Douglas collapses. Isabel and Ken find him and put him in the car to take him to the hospital. Isabel calls Will and he says he will meet them at A&E. Douglas has had a stroke and Will, Isabel and Ken can only look on as the hospital team try to save him.

Later, Alice arrives at Will’s wanting to know where Douglas is as she expected him home by now. Will breaks the news to her that Douglas had died.

Isabel feels guilty about Douglas’ death. Ken tries to make her see that it wasn’t her fault but Isabel is sad that Alice wasn’t with him at the end.

Jack apologises to Beth and Will for his recent behaviour. Will accepts and leaves them to it. Jack tells Beth he’s been behaving like a pratt, trying anything he can to make him look superior. Beth says he is forgiven.

Isabel and Ken visit Alice who is with Douglas’ son Ian. Alice is bitter and says it wouldn’t have happened if Isabel and Ken had have been looking after him properly. Ken tells Alice how very fond Douglas was of her. Alice leaves the room for a private cry.

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