Series 2 Episode 5 – Enemy Within

Chloe goes to see Jack. He is concerned about her – she’s not getting any better. The hospital say they will have to change her drugs protocol as the current one isn’t working. Jack takes it hard and for a while begins to question the service.

Jack treats Matthew Keel; son of Beeches cleaner Sue and her husband Martin. Jack says Matthew has the flu but if his condition worsens Martin should call The Beeches. Sue gives James a hand at The Manor as Chloe is unwell after her treatment. However when Matthew has seizure Sue is called home.

Martin calls Kim for help. She explains that Beth is on another call and will be with him as soon as she’s finished with that patient. Martin can not wait that long and calls for an ambulance. When they arrive they suspect Matthew has meningitis. Matthew is taken to hospital whilst Martin waits for Beth.

When Beth arrives Martin is in a state. She tells him to calm down as they don’t yet know for sure whether or not Matthew does have meningitis. He says it is all her fault for not being here on time, Beth is insulted and says she doesn’t need to listen to what he is saying. As she turns towards her car Martin grabs her arm and hits her. She falls against her car door. She is cut and bruised and in a fit of anger pushed Martin.

Sarah has lunch with Peter, an acquaintance of she and Will. He says he will find her job as she is so bored of her current one. However he seems more interested in her looks rather then her employment. Sarah tells him to forget the offer but Peter talks her round and she says she’ll think about it.

Sarah arrives home to find Will looking at their wedding photos. They reminisce and spend their first night together in a long time.

Beth arrives at work bruised. She tearfully explains to Will what happened between she and Martin. Will tries his best to comfort in and then Jack walks in. He is alarmed at what he sees and starts asking questions about how Beth got hurt. Beth asks if they can all stop talking about it and just asks them to inform the police. Jack and Will leave and Jack asks Will to assure him that Martin did nothing else to Beth, Will says it was just a scuffle.

Jack visits Beth at home to ask her how she got on at the police station. She says she made a statement and that they were very helpful. Jack tells her that he wants to help her but she says she doesn’t want his help. She says she doesn’t want him getting involved. Jack doesn’t understand why and asks her if she thinks he is trying to use what has happened to her to his advantage. Beth reiterates that it is over between them and Jack asks her why, if she’s so convinced it’s over does she see him as so much of a threat.

BETH: Will you just stop being so concerned
JACK: I can’t just pretend that I don’t have feelings for you Beth

Chloe’s condition worsens and she has to be admitted to hospital. Neither she and James want that but Jack assures them that it’s the only way she will get through the new treatment.

Peter calls Sarah but Will answers the phone. He is upset that Sarah didn’t tell him about the job offer. She tells him she didn’t want to spoil things after last night. Will informs her that Pete is a slimeball and that there is no job – Peter has called it off.

Jack is called out to Martin after he slashes his wrists. He treats him and the hospital say that they are sending him for a psychiatric assessment. Jack tells Beth about Martin’s mental state and Beth tells Jack that she’s decided to drop he charges – prison won’t help Martin. Beth asks Jack if he’d like to stay for some super. Jack says he thought she didn’t want him getting involved. They share a kiss and Beth says she wants Jack to stay but Jack refuses. He doesn’t think she’ll feel the same in the morning.

JACK: You can’t want someone one minute and dump them the next……your hearts not in it Beth and when your hearts not in something it doesn’t happen does it?

During the practice meeting, Beth informs the others of her decision to withdraw the charges against Martin. She also says that panic buttons will be installed in the practice. Their meeting is interrupted by Sue – handing in her resignation.

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