Series 2 Episode 6 – Long Weekend

Jack receives a package. It is a key from his ex-girlfriend Karen. She calls him at the surgery and asks him when he is coming to visit her. Jack says it will be soon. Karen tells Jack that she hasn’t been taking her medicine, Jack tells her she must – it’s very important that she takes her medication.

Beth and Kim go horse riding. Kim can’t get the hang of it and spends half of the lesson in one place as she’s to scared. Beth introduces her to a slower horse who Kim takes quite a shine to.

Jack receives a call from Karen’s hospital telling him that the police have brought her in. Jack’s number was the only number she would give them. Jack tells Beth that he needs to go to London. She is alarmed that he is leaving at such short notice but he won’t tell her why.

BETH: What’s the problem Jack?
JACK: Sorry, it would take too long – it’s nothing that affects the practice
BETH: Ok, I hope she’s worth it

Jack goes to see Karen. She is huddled under a blanket and shouts at him to leave. Jack goes to see her parents. They thank him for coming down and say they don’t expect him to drop everything every time Karen gets sick. They ask him about his life in Cardale. He tells them he hasn’t told Beth about Karen.

Back in Cardale, Jack asks Beth and Will for some time off. They say they’ll cover for him. Beth asks Jack if the situation is bad. He says it will blow over. Beth presses Jack for an explanation but he’s not ready to give one. The atmosphere between them is frosty.

Beth sends Kim home sick. Jack goes to visit her and says she has a virus – he prescribes bed. Ellie drops in on Kim the next day and Kim has got worse. Ellie calls Beth and sends for an ambulance. Kim has a streptococcal infection, Beth is upset that Jack didn’t inform any of them how ill Kim was.

BETH: Maybe she’s been kissing someone she shouldn’t have. Oh my god Ellie that’s it, the horse, she’s been kissing the bloody horse!

Ellie tells Beth that there is a woman in reception looking for Jack. When Beth goes to see her the woman is gone. Ellie then goes home whilst Beth locks up. Beth hears noises coming from her office and calls the police. Whilst she is waiting outside Jack arrives and tells her to stall the police – he knows who’s inside. Jack goes into Beth’s office and finds Karen pretending to be a doctor. Jack takes her outside and introduces her to Beth. Beth is shocked at what she sees and invites Jack and Karen to stay with her for the night.

With Karen asleep, Jack tells Beth about Karen. They were at medical school together and shared a great romance. But it turned sour when Karen began to behave strangely and was diagnosed of having schizophrenia. Jack tells Beth that whatever happens in his life Karen always seems to be there at the back of his mind. Beth asks him if he still loves Karen, he says no – half of the time he wishes she were dead. They linger for while until Beth goes to bed. The silence is shattered by Karen, hammering her hands against Beth’s mirror. Jack and Beth save her but it is clear that Karen has tried to take her own life – again.

In the morning Jack and Beth talk again. She asks why he never told her about Karen. He says it’s because he’s always used Karen as a cop out for whenever things went wrong in is life, with his first wife Jane and with other relationships.

BETH: Why didn’t you tell me about her?
JACK: I didn’t want to cop out with you. Would it have made a difference?
BETH: Might have……might still

Jack takes Karen back to London. She tells him he must never see her again, not even if she asks for him – she doesn’t want to see him again.

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