Series 2 Episode 8 – Life Changes

Will and Sarah continue to struggle with money. Sarah tells Will she’s run out of access on their card, he tells her to stop buying so much.

WILL: Your sarcasm and your fatuous sense of humour just don’t impress me Sarah. I used to find your lack of intelligence quaint and charming, even sexy, not anymore

Jack and Beth have dinner with their friends from Africa, Angie and Drew. Not long into dinner Angie notices the ring on Beth’s finger and Jack and Beth announce that at last the big day is on.

Will and Kim stay late at work to sort out the paperwork for the fund holding meeting. After they have completed the report Kim presents Will with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. She says he has worked wonders on getting The Beeches on the road to fundholding. They get involved in a chat about Will’s taste in women, he says he shouldn’t have always gone for lookers like Sarah, then maybe he would’ve ended up with someone like Kim – she is flattered.

WILL: I’ll tell you something that I wouldn’t tell everybody else. I think I would’ve had a happier life – Oh god this sounds awful – I think I would’ve had a happier life if I hadn’t been as good looking!

Their relaxed chat is interrupted by Sarah ringing Will’s mobile. She has received a letter home from Tony’s school about his bad behaviour. Both Sarah and Tony have become angry and in the fall out Sarah grabs Tony’s arm and he falls against the door and cuts his head. Will arrives home and patches up Tony’s head before turning his attention to Sarah. He tells her she is going to have to change her ways and her attitude towards their family or it’s over.

WILL: If you don’t begin to make an investment in this family, in this marriage. If you’re really not prepared to do that then that’s it, that’s the end.
SARAH: Is that some kind of ultimatum? Screw you!

Kim hints to Beth that Will has problems at home and that Beth shouldn’t be so hard on him. Beth is concerned and asks Will if everything is ok, he says they are fine.

WILL: If I think I’m about to crack up again I’ll give you notice next time. The practice won’t suffer
BETH: I wasn’t thinking about the practice Will

Sarah and Tony’s relationship goes from bad to worse. Tony won’t talk to Sarah and refuses to include her in anything that he and Will are doing. Will feels sorry for Sarah and tells her she must talk to Tony. Sarah says she can’t, Will says she has to.

Angie is unwell. She is complaining of back problems. Due to her career as a dancer Beth requests some tests from the hospital and tells Angie to stay of the painkillers. Angie takes no notice and asks Drew to go to The Beeches and get her some tablets. Drew goes to see Jack and prescribes some pills for Angie not realising that Beth has asked her to stay off them. Angie’s test results reveal that Angie has osteoporosis, Angie is devastated and leaves Beth to do a hard work-out at the dance studio. When Drew arrives home he finds Angie collapsed on the floor with a bottle of pills beside her. Beth arrives and tells Drew not to worry. Angie hasn’t overdosed, she has taken pills she shouldn’t have.

Jack and Beth argue about the situation. Jack asks Beth how was he supposed to know that Angie shouldn’t have been on the pills as there was nothing on her records. Beth says there was if he went back far enough. However there was nothing o Angie’s recent records as Beth hadn’t had time to write them up due to Will being absent because of various fundholding meetings.

The Beeches staff gather for their first official fundholding meeting with Greg Miller. Beth is unconvinced from the start and soon she and Will have a heated row in front of everyone. Beth tells Will that fundholding won’t work because it treats patients as customers not people. She uses the incident with Angie as an example of the lack of time they will have if The Beeches goes fundholding. The argument results in Beth walking out of the meeting.

Sarah goes to see Jack. She doesn’t know what to do about she and Will, she says she doesn’t know what she’ll do if Will leaves her.

JACK: Beth’s my best friend that’s why I’m optimistic about us, we get on
SARAH: I never thought of Will as a friend. I mean I fancied him well enough, loved him to I suppose but I don’t know if I ever really liked him.

Kim tells Beth she has to accept fundholding. She says she will help out with the extra work as much as she can.

Beth explains her concerns to Jack. She tells him she feels the practice is slipping out of her hands, she wants to maintain the practice her dad started. Jack asks her to make her peace with Will as he thinks he and Sarah may be about to separate. Beth apologises to Will about the meeting. However she tells him not to expect her to think that fundholding is important – it’s not. The only thing that is important is people.

Having accepted her illness Angie and Drew decide to go back to Africa. Jack and Beth are sad to see them go.

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