Series 3

Episode 1 – Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s Jack and Beth’s first anniversary; but Jack has other things on his mind when he takes part in a cave rescue. Elsewhere it’s time for Will and Sarah to make their split official and there’s bad news for Isabel.

Episode 2 – Tender

It’s time for Isabel to break her tragic news to Beth. Can Will divide his personal and professional views when he asked to stand for the local council? 

Episode 3 – Coming In

A case too close to home causes Jack to take on the plight of some mentally ill patients. Whilst it’s the end of a journey for a much loved Cardale character.

Episode 4 – Losing Out

During Beth’s hour of need, Jack is called out to a case which leaves his future in Cardale, and with Beth, very uncertain.

Episode 5 – To Have and To Hold

Beth is left to cope alone when Jack goes back to Africa. There’s good news for Chloe and James, and has Will found himself a new woman?

Episode 6 – Fighting Chance

It’s a time for home truths. Does Jacks future lie in Africa or Cardale? Does Beth resent his leaving and is Will’s new lover really all that she seems?

Episode 7 – Family Ties

A family tragedy reunites Will and Sarah, but is Will as sure as he seems? Meanwhile Jack’s back and Beth is beginning to question his commitment to her and their marriage.

Episode 8 – Ill Winds

A heavy night of storms brings trauma to Chloe and James. Whilst Will and Sarah are forced to face up to the truth of their relationship.

Episode 9 – A Normal Life

The plight of a young girl causes friction between Beth and Will when they are both on opposite sides of the fence. Meanwhile there maybe romance on the horizon for Kim.

Episode 10 – Walking Away

The Beeches welcome trainee doctor Andrew Attwood, but will the folk of Cardale take him under their wing? Who can solve Jame’s sleeping problem and Beth has some very big news for Jack.

Episode 11 – Bedside Manners

Andrew’s arrival is not as well received as Jack and Beth hoped when he upsets a patient and causes Will to feel unsettled. Is Dr. Preston about to move on?

Episode 12 – Giving Up

A routine night call turns into a night that Jack or Beth will never forget. The support of their friends is on hand but will they be able to get through their most testing time yet –  together?

Episode 13 – Nobody’s Fault

Will and Andrew pull together as Jack and Beth go away to try and recover from their loss. How will Will react to Sarah’s new lover and is there still hope that Jack and Beth’s future belongs with each other?

Episode 14 – Life and Soul

Will’s new job offer shocks Jack and Beth. Is Will really about to leave The Beeches and is there more to Beth’s bitterness than she is letting on?

Episode 15 – Other Lives

Can Will’s new job take him away from Cardale? Or will an unexpected change of heart lead to an unexpected departure? Hankies at the ready as we witness the last episode with our three original docs.

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