Series 3 Episode 1 – Light at the End of the Tunnel

Jack is observing with the cave rescue team when they are called out to an emergency. A group of schoolchildren and their teacher have become trapped inside.

Beth and Kim have a mid morning break. It’s Jack and Beth’s first wedding anniversary and Beth is convinced that Jack has forgotten. Kim assures her that he’s probably got a big romantic surprise planned. Jack calls Beth at The Beeches. She is concerned when he tells her he will be taking part in the rescue. His mobile cuts out as he is about to wish her ‘Happy Anniversary’.

Isabel visits Paul; and old friend and a doctor. Isabel has cancer of the pancreas. Paul informs Isabel that she could have several months of good living before her condition worsens. The news isn’t of any comfort to Isabel who confides in Paul that she has yet to tell anyone of her condition – not even Beth.

Despite opposition and bad weather; the cave rescues leader Tommo insists that the rescue go ahead. He takes a team underground including Jack as the only medic. Jack becomes subject of Tommos wicked humour making him more nervous then he already is. As the team get deeper into the cave their colleagues outside warn them that the weather is worsening, meaning there is now a risk of flooding. Tommo is untouched and continues the search with Jack in tow.

Will and Sarah meet up. They are signing their divorce papers today. Sarah is unhappy about it but Will tells her they have to get it over and done with as they were terrible together. Sarah agrees with him realising that a reconciliation between them would last two weeks at the most!

WILL: We were a nightmare
SARAH: Actually Will you’re right. I’d give us two weeks and you’d be back in the spare room and I don’t think you deserve that

Jack panics underground when he gets stuck in a small cove and his light goes out. Tommo takes a softer approach towards him afterwards and they begin to pull together as a team. They manage to find the school party but as they try to find a way out the cave collapses leaving them all trapped inside.

As the rain grows heavier the cave rescue attracts a crowd. Including James who is dishing out the tea and Beth who is desperately worried about Jack. Isabel arrives soon after and as news spreads of a rock fall, Beth fears the worse for Jack.

BETH: I’ve never considered this
ISABEL Considered what?
BETH: Losing him

After the rock fall Tommo is badly injured, he has punctured his lung. Jack’s fears soon disappear as he takes charge of administering the right treatment. The two of them strike up a bond as they talk about their personal lives.

The rest of the rescue team find a way out and lead the rescuers and the schoolchildren out of the cave with Tommo on a stretcher and Jack by his side. Will, Kim, Isabel and James are there to meet Jack as he makes his way back on to level ground. Jack wishes Beth a ‘Happy Anniversary’ and apologises for not having time to say it to her earlier. She tells him not to worry – there’s always next year. Beth tells Jack to join Tommo in the ambulance. Jack takes his place by Tommos side but it’s too late – Tommo has died.

JACK: What’s the difference between God and a doctor?
BETH: God doesn’t think he’s a doctor!

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