Series 3 Episode 11 – Bedside Manners

Beth and her friend Rose Godfrey go horse riding. Rose guesses that Beth is pregnant. Beth tells her that both she and Jack are delighted.

Trevor is worried when he is informed that he is getting a visit from the Independent Drugs Committee. Beth assures him the committee exist to advise not to criticise. Will says he will be fine so long as he hasn’t been ‘cooking the books’ – Trevor does not find that comment funny. Will stuns The Beeches crew when he announces he’s got himself some work at the ear, nose and throat department at the infirmary. Jack and Beth are surprised as Will didn’t even tell them he was interviewing for such a post.

Andrew sees Rose Godfrey and changes her prescription. Jack is not happy about it and doesn’t think Andrew examined Rose well enough. He suggests they go and see her to carry out a more detailed examination. They discover Rose has an aneurysm. Jack uses his ‘softly softly’ approach with Rose and Andrew criticises him for it. He thinks Jack should’ve told Rose the dangers of her condition rather then dancing around it. Jack explains that he didn’t want to scare Rose into not going into hospital.

Beth speaks to Will and asks him why he didn’t tell her about the post. He says it’s only one afternoon a week and it won’t interfere with the practice. She says she’d hoped that if there was a problem with he and the practice that he would’ve spoken to her about it. He tells Beth that Andrew has made him fell that he lacks ambition. He assures her that he’s not looking elsewhere but just wants to improve his medical skills rather then his golf handicap!

WILL: It’s Andrew. He’s made me feel as if I’ve just been standing still for ten years

Rose’s daughter Katie and her boyfriend Mark go to see Andrew. Katie wants to go on the pill. Andrew prescribes it to her after a long consultation. Katie hasn’t spoken to Rose about it as Rose is a strong catholic and wouldn’t support the pill. However Rose later finds the pills in her draw. When Jack arrives to talk about her own health, Rose says she will be putting in an official complaint about Andrew. Jack tells her that the tests have shown a definite aneurysm and that she needs an operation – she doesn’t listen.

Jack explains to Andrew that he has to try and earn peoples trust and learn how to handle people. Beth tells Rose that in Andrew’s position she would’ve done the exact same thing and prescribed the pill to Katie.

Jack takes Beth out to dinner to try and help her recover from her terrible morning sickness! They discuss the baby and wonder if they’ll produce a doctor! Beth says she’s not sure if Cardale could handle another generation of Glovers after she and her father. Jack says he never had a relationship with his father anything like the one Beth had with hers. They agree that it will be different for their children.

JACK: I know I’m being over protective. It’s just that you’re doubly precious to me now
BETH: I’ve never wanted anything more then I’ve wanted this child so I’ll take care

Andrew confides in Chloe that he is finding it hard to settle in Cardale. She tells him Jack had the same problem when he first arrived. Chloe tells him it’s simple; if he likes Cardale, Cardale will learn to like him. Andrew is called out to the Godfreys. Rose has collapsed after a row with Katie and Mark. Andrew arrives but Rose wants Jack. Rose is in a hysterical state and Andrew makes things worse when he says if she doesn’t let him take her to hospital she will die.

Jack and Beth’s romantic evening is interrupted by Andrew calling Jacks mobile. Jack and Beth arrive at Rose’s and within seconds Jack has calmed the situation down and tells Rose she is not going to die. Jack goes with Rose to the hospital whilst Beth and Andrew stay with Rose’s children. Andrew asks Beth why he can’t be like Jack, calming everything down in seconds. Beth says he must watch Jack, watch her and learn from them, She tells him he’s a good doctor and will get there in the end.

Trevor’s visit goes well with the drugs committee praising Andrews method of prescribing more adventurous drugs.

Jack and Beth visit Rose in hospital who is making good progress. Jack and Beth watch as she is reunited with her children and agree that having children is going to be hard work.

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