Series 3 Episode 12 – Giving Up

Joe Rawlings returns to Cardale and declares to his parents that he has come home to get better; to kick his drug habit. Joe visits John Reginald at The Health Centre and asks him to help him get off the drugs. Reginald refuses as he’s tried to help Joe many times before.

Beth is trying to write a speech for the impending G.P’s dinner; despite his jokes Jack assures her she’ll be fine. Will asks Jack and Beth if he can have tomorrow morning of as the Ear, Nose and Throat unit are down a consultant. Jack and Beth agree but are concerned that Will is growing away from The Beeches.

Alice slips in her back yard and hurts her arm. Andrew treats her and puts her arm in a sling. Alice tells Andrew that she is trying to find someone to help her catch a fox that has been terrorising her hens – he asks her not to kill the fox and says if she gives him 48 hours he will sort the fox out himself.

Chloe asks Jack if she and James can come and see him in the surgery tomorrow. Its nothing medical, Chloe and James are thinking of becoming foster parents. Jack tells them to come to The Beeches and he’ll give them all the information.

Jack and Beth plan the babies nursery together but their sentimental moment is interrupted by Beth’s ringing mobile. Jack offers to take the call but Beth insists she goes. She arrives at the police station where she is needed to examine Joe Rawlings who has been taken into custody after causing a scene in the street. She examines him but refuses to give him the methadone he wants until the morning when the alcohol has left his system. He tells Beth that John Reginald refused to treat him; she says if he comes to The Beeches tomorrow she will help to get him on a methadone program. However Joe gets irate and pushes Beth so he can see the contents of her medical bag. Beth lands hard against the wall.

Beth returns home but doesn’t tell Jack what has happened. During the night Beth wakes up in immense pain, screaming in agony Jack takes her to the hospital. The doctor performs an ultrasound and tells Beth her uterus is empty – she has had a miscarriage. They tell her she will need a D&C. Jack waits at the hospital whilst she is in surgery and is at Beth’s side when she wakes up. She tells him to go home as one of them has to go to work tomorrow, he tells her he would like to stay but she says she’s tired. Before Jack can protest Beth has fallen asleep, Jack kisses her and leaves. As soon as he has left the room Beth opens her eyes.

Jack arrives for work at The Beeches and struggles through surgery with Andrew, as Will is doing his morning at the hospital. Kim and Laura notice something is wrong with Jack and Laura asks if he wants to talk. He tells her that Beth lost the baby last night. Laura is lost for words but tells Jack she will tell the others so that he doesn’t have to rake it over.

Chloe and James see Jack about their wish to become foster parents. They say they have thought about it a lot and would really like another child but know it’s impossible because of Chloe’s cancer treatment having probably made her infertile. Jack tells them he thinks they’d make great foster parents.

Beth discharges herself from the hospital. When she arrives home the phone rings, she ignores it and lets it run onto the answer machine. It’s Jack. He tells her he’ll be home soon and that he loves her.

JACK: I’m stuck in surgery , as soon as it finishes….I love you Beth

When Jack arrives home she freezes him out and just asks him about what happened at The Beeches today. He is surprised to find her up and about as he thought she’d be in bed. Will goes to see Jack and Beth to tell them about his day at he hospital. They tell him they’ve lost the baby. He leaves them alone but tells hem to call him if there’s anything they need.

Jack goes to the police station as Beth has asked him to check up on Joe Rawlings. The policeman lets it slip about the scuffle between Beth and Joe. Jack is shocked.

Chloe goes to see Beth and says she thought she could do with a friend. They talk about the miscarriage and Chloe tells Beth that Jack doesn’t blame her for what happened, he just wants her to talk to him. Beth says she doesn’t know what to say to him as every time she looks at him she sees how much he is hurting.

BETH: It’s not that I don’t want to talk to him. I don’t know what to say.

Joe goes to The Beeches and Jack tells him he won’t be taking him on as a patient. They end up coming to blows when Joe says he knew Beth would let him down. Jack grabs him and says because of him Beth has had a miscarriage. He throws Joe out. Will asks Jack what has happened and Jack says he nearly hit Joe. He tells Will about the scuffle between Beth and Joe and Will says he must talk to Beth. Jack says he’s tried but can’t get anywhere as Beth is shutting him out.

JACK: We’ve only been married 18 months. This baby meant so much to us Will

Jack confronts Beth about what happened with Joe in the cells. She denies it is as serious as he is making out. She tells Jack that Joe isn’t to blame for what happened, but if he wants someone to blame then to blame her as she’d been having pain all day.

JACK: You’re not in this alone. I’m here too

Joe’s parents find him unconscious – he has taken an overdose. Beth treats him and sends him to hospital. She tells Joe he’s not to blame for her miscarriage. Beth returns to work and asks if anyone has a problem with her taking on Joe as a patient. Despite the frosty atmosphere they agree. Will pulls Beth to one side and says he doesn’t think she is being fair on Jack. He tells her Jack is hurting too and she must talk to him.

WILL: You’re not on your own and if you can’t work through this as a couple then really you’ve got nothing

Andrew and Laura capture Alice’s fox – but they don’t have the heart to kill it and let it go in the wild.

At the dinner; Beth’s speech is a success. Afterwards she and Jack leave early to go home. They stop by the hillside and finally let their emotions show. They embrace and shed tears for their baby.

BETH: I’m proud to be the daughter of a G.P. I’m proud to be married to one as well.

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