Series 3 Episode 13 – Nobody’s Fault

Distance grows between Jack and Beth as he tries his best to reach out to her. He tells Will that he’s planning to take her away for he weekend. Will and Andrew are happy to look after the surgery in their absence. However Jacks plans are thwarted when Beth and Andrew take overdose patient David Frankland to the hospital. Beth praises Andrew for keeping calm in the situation and says he can take David on as his patient as he is good with him. Beth and Andrew return to The Beeches where Jack swiftly whisks Beth away.

David’s wife visits Andrew and asks him to help David as she has left him. Andrew lends more then just a a hand when he pays to stop David’s furniture from being repossessed.

Beth asks Jack why he has brought her away. He tells her it’s because they haven’t done much talking since they lost the baby. Their thoughts are interrupted by Beth’s mobile – it’s Andrew asking for advice on David. Jack walks away but Beth catches up with him and says she is glad they are here.

JACK: We don’t seem to have done much talking lately
BETH: You mean since we lost the baby?

Andrew sees Chloe and James and asks them if they will give David some work doing maintenance at The Manor. With his persuasion they agree.

Will visits Tony and Julian and is alarmed to find another man staying with them and Sarah. Will is slightly bitter especially when the boys are reluctant to spend the afternoon with him. Will and Sarah talk and he comments on how her new boyfriend is obviously mad about her. She explains that one of them was bound to meet someone eventually.

SARAH: One of us was bound to meet someone sooner or later. That was the idea wasn’t it?
WILL: What?
SARAH: Get divorced, meet someone nice

Beth tells Jack she hasn’t meant to shut him out. He tells her they have to get through what has happened together. They reflect on their year; Isabel’s death, Beth’s desire to have a child and Jack returning to Africa. Beth tells Jack she needs to throw herself into her work to get through it all.

BETH: I needed some time to think about what happened. I didn’t mean to shut you out

Whilst at The Manor, David takes Sarah-Jane for a drive. Chloe and James are petrified and tell Andrew that if David has done anything to her then they’ll kill him. David returns with Sarah-Jane safe and well and tells them it’s because for a while he thought she was his daughter. Andrew explains to Chloe and James that David’s wife has banned him from seeing his own child, however they are in no mood to listen. Andrew tries to calm David down and earns himself a bloodied nose in the process when David shuts the door on him.

The whole event leaves Chloe uncertain of whether she and James will make good foster parents. James assures her they will be fine.

Jack and Beth settle down for some home truths. Beth tells Jack she’s scared they needed the baby to hold them together, She asks if he’s going to leave again as it seems to be his habit; married to Jane, then Africa now Cardale. He tells her he was restless before he met her and that while he was in Africa he’s never missed anyone as much as he missed her. As the night goes on they grow closer and Jack asks Beth if they can try again for a child. She says yes but not just yet as she wants to make the most of them being on their own for a while.

JACK: Yeah I wanted the baby, I still do. But when it comes down to it you can’t always have what you want. I still have you don’t I?
BETH: Is that enough for you?
JACK: Is that enough? Yeah I would say that was plenty

Andrew calls Will and tells him he thinks David has got schizophrenia. Will and Andrew decide he should be sectioned. David is taken away and Andrew explains the case to Jack and Beth when they return from their break. They agree that Andrew made the right decision.

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