Series 3 Episode 15 – Other Lives

Jack, Beth and Will attend the solicitors to sign an agreement which allows Will to leave the partnership 5 months earlier then the contract states. They later have dinner and Beth is upset by Will saying she’s settled in Cardale.

WILL: Let’s face it – you’ve always wanted to be in Cardale – you clearly love the place

Andrew moves out of The Manor and into Lauras as Chloe and James are preparing for their final foster care meeting. They attend the meeting and are overjoyed when the committee tell them they have approved their application to become foster parents.

PANEL: James and Chloe I’m pleased to tell you there are no more questions and we’d be happy to recommend you as foster carers

Will pays his last visit to Alice North. She tells him he was just shaping up to being a good doctor and now he is running off to an office job. He says goodbye and reminds her to keep taking her pills. She says yes before she watches him walk down her path…… for the last time?

Jack and Beth become caught up in a family scandal. Jacks patient Vanessa Machin (played by Susannah Corbett who went on to become Beeches Physio Kerri) is a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer and is trying to move into her own place. For this to happen she needs a medical reference to say she is fit enough to look after herself. Jack realises Vanessa won’t be looking after herself as she is having an affair with her sister Louise’s husband Martin. Beth is furious when she finds out as she has just recommended Louise and Martin for a course of I.V.F. treatment. Jack tells her she can’t use the affair as a reason not to refer them as she would be breaking patient confidentiality as Vanessa confided in him about the affair. Jack thinks she is so upset about the case because of the miscarriage – Beth denies it and walks out.

Beth arrives at The Beeches where she is surprised to see the surgery open and Will inside. He tells her he’s changed his mind – he doesn’t want to leave Cardale after all. He says he doesn’t see the point of leaving a place where he has so many god friends. He asks if it will be a problem for him to stay on. Beth says not at all – it will make her very happy.

WILL: Being with Alice has made me realise that Cardale is now my home

Beth goes home and tells Jack about Will’s change of heart. She tells him she wants to leave Cardale. She wants them to go to Africa on a sabbatical. Jack is shocked and asks her if she would’ve felt the same if the miscarriage hadn’t have happened. She says it has happened and it’s changed her – she wants to go to Africa with him. However Jack is not convinced. He tells her if he’s not sure running away is the right thing to do. She tells him all the pain that has happened to them is still clinging and they need to go away to be alone together. Jack reminds Beth that when that they’re in Africa it’s still only going to be the two of them, Beth says that’s why she wants to go; it’s the two of them she wishes to find.

BETH: We should go away together, to somewhere you love, to somewhere you’ve always wanted to share with me

Louise tells Beth she has always known about Vanessa and Martins affair, but as Vanessa is going to lead such a short life why should she deprive her of happiness. Beth says she will refer them for the I.V.F. treatment. Jack tells her she has done the right thing and also says he has made his mind up about Africa – he will go with her.

Chloe and James get a call from social services. They have a short term emergency for them – a little boy called Matthew whose mother is in hospital. They are excited and welcome Matthew with open arms.

Jack and Beth call Will away from his lunch. They tell him they are going to Africa for a 6 month sabbatical to help set up accident and emergency clinics. He is shocked but wishes them good luck.

WILL: Beth this is your practice
BETH: It’s our practice

The folk of Cardale turn up in force to say goodbye to Jack and Beth. Andrew is now a fully qualified G.P. and is going to stay on for a while to help out Will. Kim says her goodbyes to Jack. She says she hopes he and Beth have a good time out in Africa. Beth says goodbye to Will and explains why she has to move on. Will is concerned that it sounds like she and Jack are never coming back – she assures him they will.

BETH: When I came back to Cardale to help out my dad I wasn’t planning on staying forever. I’m tired of being the one everyone expects to stay behind
WILL: You sound as though you don’t intend on coming back. You and Jack are coming back aren’t you Beth?
BETH: Of course we are

Jack and Beth take one last walk through the peaks. He asks her if she’s changing her mind again – she asks what about; leaving Cardale or taking him with her! He notes she wouldn’t make it without him – she replies she wouldn’t want to. They kiss and that as the whole world knows was the last we saw of medicines most caring couple!

JACK: You wouldn’t make it to the county line without me would you?
BETH: I wouldn’t want to

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