Series 3 Episode 5 – To Have and To Hold

Jack has returned to Africa with Francine.

Kim calls Beth who has overslept and alerts her to the fact that it’s 9am.

Will and Kim arrange lunch together to look over some paperwork, however when drugs rep Janey Cooper invites Will out for lunch Kim finds herself dealing with the paperwork and eating lunch alone.

Chloe and James invite their friend Tim Shardlow to dinner. He has recently lost his wife and is still coming to terms with her death. The dinner turns into a late night when Tim drags out all his old photo albums and shows Chloe and James all the photos of he and his wife.

Chloe and James go to see Beth. It is time for Chloe’s check up. Beth tells Chloe that all of her tests have come back clear – she has fought the cancer and has returned to her former health. It’s an emotional moment as Chloe thanks Beth for all of her help, yet Beth is wishing Jack was here delivering the good news.

BETH: X-rays, scan, blood tests – all clear. You’ve a clean bill of health Chloe, not a malignant cell in sight

Janey turns up at Will’s flat – promotional video and champagne in hand – she later emerges from Wills bed having spent the night with him.

Beth is concerned when Tim Shardlow doesn’t turn up for his appointment. She goes to his farmhouse and finds letters left on his fireplace to various people close to him. With his dog barking outside Beth is alerted to Tim’s garage. He has locked himself in and is sitting inside his running car, breathing in the fumes from he exhaust. Beth starts up the farm truck and reverses into the garage breaking open the door. She drags Tim out of the car, cutting her lip on the door as she forces it open.

Francine tells Jack there is always a place for him in Africa. He says he knows and thanks her for bringing him back, she comments that he was hardly led away kicking and screaming.

FRANCINE: I know you’ve got commitments but you know there’s always a place here for you don’t you?

Beth sees Tim in hospital, he says she should’ve let him die. Beth is upset when Tim says he will try and do it again. Beth leaves the hospital and receives a call on her mobile – it’s Kim telling her she’s late again.

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