Series 3 Episode 6 – Fighting Chance

Whilst Beth is out shopping she helps a woman; Barbara, who has fallen over and cut her leg. Beth gives Barbara and her daughter Joanne a lift home.

Will visits Beth at home. Beth asks him about Janey. Will says Janey is a very ‘no strings sort of girl’. Beth tells him to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Will asks Beth if she resents Jack going back to Africa, she tiptoes around the question by saying how Jack needed time out and how they are both very independent people. However in the end she admits that yes, part of her does resent Jack leaving.

WILL: Did you resent Jack going away?
BETH: Yes I resented him going and perhaps a part of me still does, but it doesn’t stop me loving him or missing him

Joanne causes a scene in the surgery, throwing things and kicking her mother. Beth asks Barbara if she can talk to Joanne. After a chat Beth discovers that Joanne caused her mothers injury in the supermarket by kicking her.

Beth and Janey discuss new drugs schemes, Beth is unimpressed and tells Janey to return to her when the drug is universally used by the hospitals.

Will continues his job as the boxing teams doctor. One of the fighters; Pete sustains an injury and Will bans him from training for two days. Will becomes concerned when Pete goes missing as he has just received confirmation from the hospital that Pete is suffering from hypo-glaucoma, a condition that could cause Pete to collapse at any time. Eventually Will finds out that Pete is taking part in a bare knuckle fight. He tracks down the warehouse in which the fight is being held and manages to get himself knocked out when he intervenes!

Jack tells Francine that Beth wants to start a family. He says he wants to have a family too but is not sure if its the right time. His work in Africa is still being appreciated especially when he manages to obtain a rare vaccination for many happy villagers.

Beth tells Will she’s sorry if not accepting Janey’s new drug deal has ruined his love life. Will tells her she hasn’t and says he wonders if he would still see Janey if Cardale wasn’t on her rounds.

KIM: No drugs rep today Will?
WILL: No Kim, trying to kick the habit

Beth is alerted to the fact that Joanne has gone missing. She is surprised when Joanne turns up at The Beeches. Beth finds out that Barbara has giving Joanne sleeping pills. Beth explains that the pills are what is making Joanne hyperactive.

Janey arrives at Wills, they end up in bed again.

Beth settles down to a bath and another night alone.

Jack and Francine discuss his position in Africa. He says it would be so easy for him to stay, and he has always done what’s easy. However now Africa seems like some kind of ‘ideal’ to him and he says if he stays that would change. He has changed – he’s going back to Cardale.

JACK: I’ve changed Fran. I didn’t realise how much. There’s no way I’d survive without Beth.

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