Series 4 Episode 1 – Holding it Together

Erica Matthews is lost in the peaks trying to find her way to a house call. On her travels she overtakes a car; on looking in her rear window she is concerned to see that the car is no longer behind her. She goes to investigate and sees the car half in the river. Erica offers her assistance to the driver; Mick who is sitting on the river bank and is alarmed when he says his daughter; Debbie us still trapped in he car. Erica rescues the girl from the car and performs CPR on her. They are taken to the hospital where Erica is questioned by the police.

Meanwhile at The Beeches Will is having problems with the FHSA. They are unhappy with the way The Beeches is performing. Will explains that in the past two months he has lost both his partners and his fund manager and that he is doing his best to hold things together. The FHSA explain that The Beeches is losing patients and state the fact that there still no new partners to replace Jack or Beth. Will tells them that a Dr. Webster has expressed an interest and he’s meeting her tomorrow. Head of the FHSA Pat Hewland tells Will that her colleague Russ Skinner will be working with him for the next few days to help them plan a strategy to convince the FHSA The Beeches are worthy of its support – Will has three days to save The Beeches.

WILL: In the past two months I have lost both my partners and my fund manager and I’m doing my best to hold things together.

Chloe and James arrive at The Beeches to register their new foster child Gary Simms. They make their way past a busy reception where Alice and many others have the flu; not the best time for an emotional Erica to storm in and announce she’s had a car crash because she was speeding. Will takes her into his office and asks her what happened. She tells Will that The Beeches is in chaos and critcises his management skills. She tells him she’ll work till Saturday but then she’s leaving.

Andrew visits Erica at home to see if she is alright. She tells him she’s just not cut out for Cardale.

Sarah visits Will at his new house. She spots a postcard from Jack and Beth. Will explains that they are working in Johannesburg and want to buy into a clinic there and sell their share in The Beeches. Will’s day worsens when Sarah announces her new husband has got a job – in America – wife and children go too. Will is devastated and tells Sarah he doesn’t want his kids going to America. She runs out crying whilst Will smashes up his hallway table.

SARAH: Johannesburg?
WILL: They’re working there
SARAH: Beth get bored of the bush did she? What now? Sundowners on the veranda teaching the world to sing?

Erica apologises to Will for yesterdays outburst and says she won’t leave on Saturday like she said. Will tells her it’s too late he’s already dealt with it – the new locum starts on Monday.

Andrews wife Kirsty arrives, she’s come to help him pack for Liverpool. They both try to help Chloe and James combat Gary’s smoking problem – without much luck.

Russ pressures Will to read some of the budget guides. Will refuses as he is going to the hospital to see Mick and then he is having lunch with Dr. Webster.

Will meets with Dr. Kate Webster. He is keen for her to join The Beeches but she says from what he’s told her about the practice it sounds too much like a gamble. She says she’s sorry but she’s taken a partnership at The Health Centre – Will is gutted.

KATE: They’re increasing their patient list
WILL: I know. We’re decreasing ours

Sarah goes back to see Will. He says he thought he could rely on everyone around him and now they are all leaving. He tells her to leave – he’s not her problem anymore. He tells her to go to America and not to feel guilty. Sarah leaves.

WILL: I thought I could rely on you, I thought I could rely on Jack and Beth and now I’m not even sure I can rely on myself

Andrew goes to see Will on the eve of the FHSA meeting. Together they form an action plan to keep The Beeches running and find time to head to The Manor for a pint. Over a pint they realise they share a bond. They are both doctors for the same reasons. Andrew asks Will if he’s going to leave Cardale, Will says no – he’s going to stick around.

ANDREW: When I first met you I thought you were a real public school twit
WILL: I thought you were a smart ass with a chip on your shoulder

At the meeting Will barely has time to open his briefcase before the FHSA tell him they are reducing The Beeches to a two partner practice. They tell him if he doesn’t find a fund manager in four weeks then they will take away The Beeches fund holding status.

Andrew tells Kirsty he really doesn’t want to let Will down. She agrees they can stay in Cardale for an extra 3 months. Will tells Erica the locum has let him down and if she wants to stays for 2 months she can – she accepts. Andrew also tells Will that he and Kirsty are staying for longer. Will is thrilled. Despite only being allowed one partner he says it is up to him how many locums he has, Will continues to strike lucky and asks Russ to leave the FHSA and become the fund manager – Russ accepts. The new Beeches team begin work!

WILL: The Beeches has a future

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