Series 4 Episode 10 – Heart and Soul

Chloe and James host a party for Sarah-Jane’s birthday with the help of Gary and Lee. However as Gary picks Sarah-Jane up to blow out the candles on her cake they fall over and she loses a tooth.

Will asks Kate if she’d consider being The Beeches new partner now that Andrew and Kirsty are going back to Liverpool. Kate tells Will she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know what to do. They are both shocked. Kate says she can’t believe she’s been so stupid.

KATE: I’m pregnant
WILL: You serious? How?

Will and Kate talk about the pregnancy. She tells him she thinks it would be for the best if she had a termination. Will tells her he thinks he wants her to have the baby. Kate explains that if it had happened 18 months down the line and they were still together then things would be different. But as they have only been together a few months she’s not sure if this is the right environment to bring up a child in.

Kate is called out to see Sarah-Jane. Chloe says she saw Will and he said Sarah-Jane just had a bug. Kate says he’s probably right. Kate checks Sarah-Jane’s heartbeat and is concerned when she finds an irregularity. She thinks she may have contracted an infection through her lost tooth. Will joins Kate and they suspect an infection has lodged in Sarah-Jane’s heart. They send her to hospital. The consultant tells Chloe that Sarah-Jane has a heart defect.

Kirsty helps out at the Manor so James can spend time at the hospital with Chloe and Sarah-Jane. Gary is upset as he thinks her illness is his fault.

Will and Kate go for a walk. He asks her to marry him. She is shocked that he has asked her seeing as how they’ve both just come through marriages from hell. She says she doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. Will tells her that he thinks they have a future together but Kate says she’s not ready for all of this.

James is concerned that Chloe is shutting him out over Sarah-Jane’s illness. He tells her he doesn’t want it be like it was when she got sick and didn’t confide in him. The consultant tells them that they need to replace a valve in Sarah-Jane’s heart. Chloe is concerned about the risks that will come with surgery and says that Sarah-Jane will not be having the operation.

Will and Kate argue when her rejection to his marriage proposal gets the better of him. He tells her he needs to know if their relationship means anything at all to her as he wants them to be a family.

James gives the consultant permission to operate on Sarah-Jane without Chloe’s consent. Chloe is furious when she finds out and states that Sarah-Jane is not having the operation. Chloe and James argue and he says Sarah-Jane needs the operation, he tells her they have to work through this together.

Kate tells Will she’s booked an appointment for a termination tomorrow at 4:30pm. She says she’s sorry but thinks it’s the only way.

Andrew sees Gary crying. Gary tells him that he thinks he’ll have to go back the to the home if Chloe and James split up. Andrew says they won’t split up as they have too much going for them.

Kate goes to see Chloe at the hospital. She tells her she can stop the operation going ahead if she wants to. But she also tells her that Sarah-Jane needs this operation and if she doesn’t have it she could get heart failure. Chloe talks about how Sarah-Jane is she and James’s miracle as they never thought they’d have children. She tells Kate how she sees it as fate that she were born. Chloe’s words appear to hit a note with Kate. Chloe tells Kate they can go ahead with the operation.

Will tells James he should be with Chloe as she needs him. James says she can deal with it alone as she’s strong enough. Will tells James that he and Chloe have something worth fighting for.

Erica and Kirsty meet in the pub. Erica says she’s sorry. Kirsty says she shouldn’t be. She and Andrew are working things out and going back to Liverpool

James rushes to the hospital just in time to catch Chloe before Sarah-Jane goes down to theatre. They make amends and apologise for their behaviour much to Gary and Lee’s delight! The operation is a success and the consultant says that Sarah-Jane will lead a normal life – whatever that means!

Will sits at his desk looking at a photo of Kate. He tells Kim to hold his 4:30pm appointment.

Andrew and Kirsty head to The Beeches for their leaving party. On their way Kirsty tells Andrew to stop the car. She tells him it’s not working between them. He tells her he thinks they both want different things. Andrew says he’s sorry, he has tried. She says she knows; they both have.

ANDREW: I always thought we were different. I always thought we had something special
KIRSTY: Yeah we did

Andrew arrives at The Beeches and tells everyone that Kirsty’s gone back to Liverpool. He is upset and goes into the surgery. Will and Erica follow. Will tells him he can stay with him for a while, he then leaves to see how Kate is. Andrew tells Erica that he feels like he has a pit in his stomach – 13 years of marriage gone. Erica hugs him and says it’ll be alright.

Will arrives home and tells what Kate what has happened between Andrew and Kirsty. She tells him she has some news of her own – she hasn’t gone through with the termination. She says she knows it’s a gamble but she’d like to give it a go if he still feels the same about her. Will is stunned and doesn’t know what to say. Kate says this doesn’t mean she’s ready to walk down the aisle just yet, he tells her that’s fine. There’s hope.

KATE: This doesn’t mean I’m going to walk down the aisle tomorrow Will
WILL: Still, where there’s life there’s hope
KATE: There is hope

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