Series 4 Episode 2 – A New Life

The folk of Cardale take part in a fun run to raise money for some hospital equipment. Chloe, Erica and Kirsty join in the crowd cheering on Will, James and Andrew.

Tony and Julian spend their last few days in England with Will. Erica joins them for dinner and Tony and Julian suggest that she move in next door to Will. Will explains to Erica that when he brought the house the cottage next door was part of the deal.

Kate returns to The Beeches to talk to Will. She tells him she’s not happy with the current night cover policy. He tells her she should come back and discuss it with him when she’s been in Cardale a little longer.

Erica is alarmed when Will, Kim and Andrew turn away a patient who claims his wife is unwell. She is appalled by their matter of fact approach to towards the situation. She soon understands their reasons when she pays the man a home visit and finds his wife is nothing but an empty quilt cover and a figment of his imagination. With Will’s help Erica pronounces invisible Eileen dead – her husband agrees it’s time for him to move on and meet new people.

Will gives Tony and Julian farewell presents and says a tearful goodbye before they head to the states.

The case of 15 year old diabetic Maddie Taylor splits The Beeches staff in two when Maddie finds out she is pregnant. Andrew and Erica think she should have the baby if she wants whilst Will and Laura think she should think of her studies and not have the child. The case especially affects Andrew when it is revealed that Kirsty aborted their child when she was 17. Andrew says Kirsty never listened to him when he said he would stand by her but she argues that they were young and didn’t know if they would still be together all this time later. She says them not having children is not her fault. After all for the last few years she’s been working to support him through medical school.

ANDREW: You didn’t listen to what I wanted, you wouldn’t believe me when I said I’d stand by you

After a row with her dad and boyfriend Ewan, about the baby. Maddie goes hiking and forgets her food and her insulin. A search party is formed with Will and Andrew in tow. However Andrew and Ewan are turned away from the search because they are not experienced. Ewan convinces Andrew to go with him and find Maddie by themselves – Andrew agrees. Kirsty alerts Will that Andrew and Ewan have taken the search into their own hands. The rescue team now search for 3 casualties. Andrew and Ewan find Maddie. Andrew waits with her whilst Ewan goes to alert the rescue team. However Ewan gets lost and Andrew and Maddie are left on the peaks all night. When the rescue team eventually reach them they are in a bad way – Andrew is suffering from hypothermia. Kirsty goes with Andrew to the hospital. They talk about the abortion as he is recovering. They agree that there is plenty of time left for them to have children in the future.

KIRSTY: For a long time I kidded myself that I did the right thing but now I don’t know

Will helps Erica move in next door. She overpoweringly hugs him and they kiss. They abruptly finish when Will pulls away saying there must be something in the water. He says it’s his fault and he’s sorry. He leaves – Erica seems slightly gutted.

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