Series 4 Episode 3 – New Horizons

Erica loses her keys. She goes round to Wills to get the master set. He is missing Tony and Julian and asks her if she’d like to stay for a drink but she says no, she has paperwork to catch up on.

Kim asks Will how he is coping without the boys – he tells her he is slowly getting used to it. He is touched by her concern.

Erica asks Andrew for a favour. She has flooded the bathroom at the cottage and managed to blow a fuse. She doesn’t know how to fix it and doesn’t want to tell Will. He agrees to go to the hardware store with her. Will tells them he is off to have lunch with Kate. Andrew asks if relations between them have improved after the night cover disagreement – Will says actually Kate is alright once you get to know her.

Andrew helps Erica fix the fuse. He tells her he has noticed that she likes Will, he says she should hold a housewarming party in order to woo Will!

ANDREW: You really like him don’t you?
ERICA: Is it that obvious?

Whilst out Andrew and Erica attend to Jill, a pregnant lady who has collapsed in the town. They find out her G.P, Dr Phillip Ramsden has been giving her the wrong pills to treat an infection and the pills could be harmful towards her baby. Erica goes to see Phillip and reprimands him for his actions, she tells him how much danger he could’ve put Jill in. Will is furious when he finds out that Erica has spoken to Phillip. He tells her she is a locum and shouldn’t tell G.P’s with over 20 years experience how to do their job unless she consults with him first. Erica is angry when Andrew sides with Will; he apologises but says he thinks Will is right.

Will and Kate have lunch together in The Manor but are unable to get any privacy due to Chloe and James inquisitive service.

Kirsty is offered a job at The Manor. She tells Andrew she wants to take it so she doesn’t have to sit at home alone when he is on call.

Will pays Phillip a visit, he apologises on behalf of Erica, Phillip says there’s no harm done. They talk about the old days when Phillip used to work with Beth’s father. Will is convinced that everything is fine at Phillips practice and feels that Phillip is perfectly capable in his work.

Will goes to The Health Centre to see Kate. He asks her if she’s going to Erica’s housewarming party. She says no as she’s too busy. Will says she should come and as he’s not going till late he will pick her up. Kate has no choice but to say yes and the pair are left standing like giggling teenagers.

Andrew is called out out see Phillip when he cuts his hand. He is concerned when Phillip suffers a period of absence form their conversation.

Erica’s party receives a good turn out. Kirsty announces she will be the new barmaid in The Manor. Andrew is still not pleased despite the offer of free beer. Erica answers the door to Will and greets him with a hug and a kiss – she is mortified when she sees Kate standing behind him. Kim talks to Will about Phillip, she tells him a lot of his patients have been trying to transfer to The Beeches. Will says he’ll talk to Phillip again tomorrow. Kirsty and Andrew talk about her job at the pub and agree that it’s a good idea for her to become involved in the community.

Will goes to see Phillip. Phillip admits there is a problem – he thinks he has Alzheimer’s disease. Will says the FHSA should be informed and despite their friendship if Phillip doesn’t bring his retirement forward then he will have to tell them.

Andrew tells Erica he’s sorry about last night. He had no idea Will and Kate were seeing each other. She says that’s ok, he can’t know everything about everyone. Will arrives and tells them both he is sorry he didn’t listen to them about Phillip.

The FHSA visit Phillip. He tells them he is retiring but wants their assurance that his practice will allowed to stay open. They say that with only 1000 patients on his list it would be impractical to keep the practice open. Will says he will do whatever he can so The Beeches take on some of the patients from his list. Erica apologises to Phillip, he tells her not to. She only did what any good doctor would do.

Will and Kate go out to dinner together. Will asks her what went wrong with her first marriage. She says her husband Greg invited her to join his practice. She took the practice into fund holding status and Greg started to drink. She then found out he was behind on the mortgage repayments and their marriage came to a halt. She moved to Cardale to be near their son Charlie who goes to boarding school near Matlock. Kate tells Will this is the first time she has lived on her own, he tells her it will take her a while to get used to it. Clearly drawn to her Will asks Kate if they can see each other again – she says yes.

WILL: Kate. Can we do this again?

Jill goes into labour and makes it to The Beeches in time for Will and Andrew to deliver her baby daughter.

Phillips secretary Emma finds him dead next to a bottle of pills and whisky. Will feels guilty about it but Erica says it is not his fault. Erica is upset when Will says he has to go as he promised he’d drop in on Kate.

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