Series 4 Episode 4 – Looking Back

Chloe’s short temper alarms Gary who doesn’t know why she is acting so strangely. Chloe has found a lump and is scared that her cancer has come back. Andrew tells her that he will perform a test first thing tomorrow morning.

Will lends Erica his car to go shopping. He is horrified when she picks up a a hitchhiker who is on his way to Cardale. Will is not happy when at home he unpacks his shopping and finds his bottle of whisky gone! Laura finds the hitchhiker asleep on the side of the road and takes him to The Beeches for a shower on condition that he sees a doctor. Will sees him and diagnoses a chest infection. He advises he keep of the booze – especially the whisky!

Erica gets a shock when her ex boyfriend Dan arrives. He asks her to have dinner with him and she reluctantly agrees.

Chloe gets the all clear. The lump was a cyst. Andrew tells her she was right to be concerned because of her history. She tells him she and James haven’t told Gary about her cancer because they don’t want to worry him.

Alice is concerned when Andrew tells her he and Kirsty have money troubles. She gives them Vanessa – one of her hens. Andrew and Kirsty are shocked that she has given them one of her hens to kill and eat.

Chloe tells Gary that she had cancer, he gets upset and worries it may come back again. He runs off and takes refuge in the garage where the hitchhiker turns up and introduces himself – he is Lee, Gary’s brother. Lee tells Gary he wants him to do a runner with him.

Erica and Dan have dinner – they split up because he had a one night stand whilst still with Erica. He tells her he is about to start a new job in London and he wants her to go with him.

ERICA: After I realised I’d wasted three years with you I took the first locum job that came along

Andrew and Kirsty take it in turns to try and strangle Vanessa but they can’t do it. They say they’ll have to keep her as a pet!

Lee is not well but doesn’t want to see a doctor, Gary makes an anonymous phone call to The Beeches telling Erica where Lee is. Erica takes him to The Beeches to run some more tests. Whilst he is there he runs off with the charity box much to Will’s annoyance. Gary takes Lee to meet Chloe and James. Chloe tells Lee he can’t take Gary away. It appears Chloe and James have known for weeks that Lee has done a bunk from his detention centre – James stops her from calling the police as they will only take Lee away from Gary again and Gary will end up blaming them.

Will tracks down the barn where Lee has been staying and tells the owner about him stealing from The Beeches and him. The owner burns all of Lee’s belongings. When Lee finds out he throws a brick through The Beeches window – it narrowly misses Erica. Will and Andrew go outside to see who threw it and they see Lee and Gary running away. They visit Chloe and James and tell them about what happened, however Erica sees that Lee is really sick and much to Will’s disgust lets him stay at the cottage.

The tests Erica did show that Lee has TB. Erica doesn’t want to inform environmental health as it will get Lee in trouble but Will says she has to. Erica tells Dan to keep Lee in the house while she is out. But fed up of having Lee around Dan gives him the impression that the police are on their way and gives him £50 to disappear. Dan turns up at The Beeches and tells Erica that Lee has stolen £50 and done a runner.

Mean while Lee goes to get Gary and says they are going back to the place they used to go as kids. On the journey Lee gets sicker and sicker and when they stop for something to eat, Gary calls Chloe. Will, Chloe and Erica go to find them both, Lee is in a bad way and is coughing up blood – he is sent to hospital. Chloe and James lend their support to both Gary and Lee and Lee tells Gary he thinks Chloe and James are good parents.

Andrew and Kirsty return Vanessa to Alice, They say they are sorry but they just can’t kill her. Alice is mortified, she gave them Vanessa so they could eat her eggs – not eat her!!!

Erica tells Dan she is not going to London with him. She says she doesn’t like his attitude towards people, he just wants to control people and she doesn’t want that. She tells him that Cardale is good for her.

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