Series 4 Episode 6 – Close Ties

Will tells Andrew he’s been thinking it over and thinks he needs to get a female partner. Andrew is gutted and Erica thinks it’s discrimination.

ERICA: It’s discrimination
ANDREW: Best get on the phone to Brussels straight away

Erica confronts Will about his decision and says it has put her in an awkward position with Andrew. He says it was a difficult decision to make and asks for her help with a dialysis patient as Erica has spent 6 months working in a renal unit.

Kirsty notices Andrew is down and asks him what’s wrong. He says The Beeches are not considering him to be a partner in the practice. She asks why they would as he didn’t apply. Andrew tells her that he did apply – 2 weeks ago.

Will asks Kate what she wants to do at the weekend. She tells him Charlie is home for the weekend and Will assumes that that they will all do something together. Kate says Charlie can be very protective of her and she’s worried about how they’ll get on. Will tells her they will never know if they don’t give it a go. Kate agrees he can meet Charlie at the weekend.

Kirsty is hurt that Andrew never told her he was applying for the partnership. She tells him he must share things with her. She is also confused as she thought the plan was for them to return to Liverpool after the initial 4 months.

Will and Erica are called out to Will’s dialysis patient Chris Curtis. Chris has blood poisoning and his health is deteriorating. As Will is on call Erica stays at the hospital with Chris. The hospital tell Erica Chris needs a transplant. Erica pushes for a family match but her pushing only forces Chris’s parents to tears. It’s impossible for them to be donors – Chris is adopted and he didn’t know. Erica feels awful that she has let the cat out of the bag and tells Will he should’ve told her the full story before she put her foot in it.

Erica visits Chris at the hospital and reveals that she too is adopted. Chris gives Erica permission to find his natural parents in hope of getting a donor. His adoptive parents are angry at Erica’s interference but his adoptive mother comes round and gives Erica Chris’s natural birth certificate. Will tells Erica she should go through the proper channels to find Chris’s real parents and says she has been spending too much time one patient. However Erica goes ahead with the search anyway.

Erica’s interview for practice partner is a disaster when she confronts Will abut his single sex policy and states all that is wrong with The Beeches.

Will tells Kim that’s he’s meeting Kate’s son this weekend and is really nervous. He tells Kim he really likes Kate and hopes Charlie will like him. Kim assures him he’ll be fine, he’s a great dad.

Erica tells Chris that she is meeting with his natural mother. The meeting is a disaster when Chris’s mum says she can’t help as she now has a new family. She tells Erica to leave. Erica tells Will what she has done and breaks down in tears. She tells Will that she’s adopted and has been so involved with this case because she wanted to believe if she was in Chris’s position her mother would help her.

ERICA: I wanted to believe that a mother would do anything for her child

Will’s weekend with Kate and Charlie goes well when Will impresses Charlie with tales from his past. However he confesses to Kate that he elaborated on the action hero bits, she is pleased that he and Charlie have hit it off.

Erica goes back to see Chris’s mother and persuades her to take tests to see if she is a suitable match to be a donor. She is and she agrees to go ahead with the kidney transplant. Both Chris and his mum survive the operation.

Will tells Erica he’s decided to give her the partnership. When Andrew sees them celebrating he feels left out. Andrew tells Kirsty he would’ve like to have been a partner but now hopes they can start a family together. She places doubt on that when she reveals she wants to start teacher training.

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