Series 4 Episode 9 – Running on Empty

Will and Kate prepare to have Andrew and Erica round for dinner. Will asks Kate to move in with him, she says it’s too soon for them to be making decisions like that. He says he means it – he wants to live with her.

Andrew attends to Patrick Siddons, and ex-submarine commander who has burned himself. His daughter Louise is at medical school. After they have taken Patrick to hospital Andrew gives her a lift home.

Andrew turns up late at Will and Kate’s. Before he goes in he takes some pills, he is on anti-depressants. The atmosphere is frosty with Andrew virtually ignoring Erica. After trying her hardest to make conversation with him, Erica decides to leave. Andrew also decides to go home after Will presses him about his problems. Andrew is aggressive towards Will and tells him what is happening in his life is nothing to do with him.

Noticing Erica is upset, Kate goes to see her at home. Erica tells her that she and Andrew slept together. She says she wants to sort it out with him but can’t because he keeps shutting her out. Kate tells her to give Andrew time. Erica asks her to not say anything to Will.

Andrew goes back to see Louise. She invites him in and they talk intimately about Louise’s life and Andrew’s break-up with Kirsty. Andrew tells her it’s the first time he’s been able to talk to anyone for ages.

ANDREW: It looks like being a doctor has just cost me my marriage

Charlie asks Will for advice on his new girlfriend. Kate is pleased to see them getting on so well but is still not sure whether she and Will should live together.

Erica pays home visit to Patrick who is now out of hospital. She is surprised when Andrew arrives and gives Louise some medical books. Louise sees Andrew at the surgery. She has tonsillitis. Kim, Laura and Russ are alarmed when Louise comes running out of Andrew’s office shouting at Andrew not to touch her. Louise returns home and tells her father that Andrew touched her. Patrick goes to The Beeches and tells Will that Andrew had assaulted Louise. He tells him he wants to file a complaint. Will says he’ll notify the FHSA and conduct an in house inquiry.

Will finds Andrew and tells him about Louise”s complaint. Andrew tells him it must be a misunderstanding and storms around to see Louise. Patrick tells him to leave and despite his pleads to Louise, Andrew leaves.

Will and Erica discuss the situation. He asks her what has gone on between she and Andrew. She confesses that she and Andrew had a one night stand. He asks why she didn’t tell him. Erica says because it was none of his business and because she and Andrew are so ashamed of what happened.

The internal enquiry goes ahead and Louise tells Will and Erica what happened. After the hearing, Andrew asks Erica what happened. She says she can’t tell him that. She asks him outright of he touched Louise and tells him that Will knows they slept together. Andrew is furious and tells her that if this is taken seriously he could be struck off.

Andrew follows Louise to the supermarket. He confronts her in front of a concerned Chloe and James. Louise runs off and Andrew sinks to the floor, before being sick.

Will and Kate prepare a meal for Charlie and his girlfriend. Chloe visits them and expresses her concerns over Andrew. Will goes to see Andrew and tells him he shouldn’t have confronted Louise.

Whilst Andrew is sleeping, someone appears behind him – it’s Kirsty. She tells him Erica has called her and told her what’s happening. She says she’s back to help him. Kirsty goes to see Erica and says she can’t believe Louise’s allegations – Andrew would be the last person in the world to make a move on someone else.

Will tells Kate how much he loves spending time with she and Charlie. She says she’s not using Charlie as an excuse not to move in, she’s just not sure how he’ll take it. Will says she should ask him; Kate says she will. Charlie tells Kate he’d like them to move in with Will, however Kate is still worried that they are rushing things.

Andrew apologises to Erica. He tells her he has just felt so guilty about Kirsty. She wishes him good luck for the meeting. Andrew puts his case forward to the FHSA. Louise pays a visit to Erica and tells her she made the whole story up, Andrew never touched her. Will tells Andrew he’s off the hook and Andrew confides in Will about he and Erica sleeping together – he wonders whether he should tell Kirsty.

WILL: Make sure you tell her for the right reasons – not just to clear your conscience
ANDREW: Ignorance is bliss?
WILL: Sometimes

Andrew goes home and tells Kirsty that he and Erica slept together. He asks her not to leave him again. She says she has to have time to think.

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